Another wonderful day spent with my Kayla.  Every day is a good
one, even when one of us is sick.  She continues to amaze me with
the depth of her love.

I got a couple of comments from her family to pass along.  I
suppose it shows that they are TRYING to realize that I exist. 
One is from her “sister-in-law” (her term), Stephanie.  Stephanie
left a private message in the Guestbook on my website.  Of course,
she said some not very nice things, and somehow feels she has the
knowledge to declare, “I don’t think you’re a real witch
anyhow…”  Hmmmm.  I’ve studied lots of religions, and
joined more than a few of them, have read more “scriptures” than anyone
I know except Beth, my best friend, ex-wife, and guru, and Stephanie
thinks SHE’s the expert on religion.  (By the way, Kayla says
Stephanie is her COUSIN, not sister-in-law.)

We also got a couple Christmas cards from her family (in one
envelope).  The first was signed by her dad, mom, and little
sister, and didn’t mention me other than making it clear that their
good holiday wishes were for Kayla only.  The other was from her
brother, and it said it even better.  “Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year, KAYLA.  Drop dead and burn in hell Moss.”

It really bothers me that people who feel they are REAL Christians (and
are more than willing to point out how most churches are NOT “real”
Christianity) seem to know nothing about the love of Christ.  The
way I read the Bible, Jesus went to the least-understood and lowest
level of society.  He sat down and had dinner with them. 
There is not one word in the Bible about him preaching to them about
their sins, or condemning them.  Even the woman (harlot) at the
well, he talked to her gently and pointed out her actual lies without
judging her, and gave her the opportunity to stop doing what she had
been doing and follow his example.

“Judge not, that ye be not judged.”  Y’all don’t have a CLUE what
a “real” Witch is (I’ve been an Initiated Wiccan for almost 22
years)… and are acting as though you haven’t a clue what a “real”
Christian is.  I have treated Kayla with all the love and respect
and caring in my soul, and she has more than returned it. 
Why?  Because her family has always treated her like she was not
only stupid but also the cause of all THEIR problems.  I treat her
like she is the light in my life, which she truly is.  Which is
why she keeps trying to tell them how happy she is with me.  I
can’t begin to say how happy I am with her.

Hmmmm, What Would Jesus Do?  I’d like to have a real conversation
with her family.  To date, besides the card from her brother
quoted above, I have had her brother call and shout at me about what he
would do to me if I ever hurt his sister (something he has a lot of
experience doing), and her father yelling at me to stop calling her or
he’d report me as a “stalker”.  I would point out that I never
ONCE called Kayla without her asking me to, usually just prior to my
phone call.  I have treated her like the warm, wonderful, loving
woman she is.  Of course, when I told her brother on the phone
that she had treated me nicely online and I just wanted to be nice to
her, his response was, “THAT’S THE SICKEST THING I EVER HEARD!” and
hung up the phone.  Maybe that’s why his relationships haven’t
done that well, and why he hasn’t married his girlfriend even though
they have two children together– he hasn’t a clue how to be nice to
anyone.  I would point out that both of these phone calls were
before Kayla left Missouri to come live with me.  They also lied
to her about what they “learned” about me, trying to scare her out of
moving, and have continued to blame her for all their problems even now
that she is no longer there.

OK, that’s enough carping for one blog entry.  I truly love
Kayla.  My family and friends have accepted her.  Her best
friend has accepted me and we talk on the phone every week.  Open
your hearts and you’ll find a person who is deeply in love with his
wife and treats her well.  She is my greatest blessing, and I
fully intend to be hers to the best of my ability.

Many thanks to my online friends, especially spikymuffin, Irishlass,
and Tootie Liversprinkles, who continue to share their life with me and
accept my life as it is including Kayla.  (Hey, flamez, ya haven’t
written for a while!)


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  1. Anonymous

    That really sucks her family is so negative towards you. I hope it changes so you 2 dont have to deal with it anymore.

  2. FlamingLavender

    MOSS! *big hugglez* you know what? no offense, they’re jackasses. What did you ever to do them? I get they’re ptrying to protect her, but that’s just…-_-;;; ARGH! *breath* rez this year: don’t be provoked easily. I hope this yera bring luck, lust, and love for you and your sweetie. (I’m actually on my own friend Kayla’s site right now…haha) But hey, lov’es wroth it okay? But…just make SURE it’s worth it. ou don’t deserve any of this shit… Moss… you deserve so much…This religion crap? pisses me off. IT’s all separation. Why can they just be open-minded? We all believe in God. We’re all trying to reach the same high being and make admends and improvements…GET VOE RIT. geez. And the card…no offense, but that’s REALLY low. If you’re insulted like that, brush it off. I, myself, Don’t care too much attention to those of whom are of insignifigance. You’re loving Kayla, not her brothers. But ehy, if you marry her, you marry the family…so u might wanna start learning to keep coool. (Altho I’ll bet you alreayd are). Sorry havent talked for awhile. email me new:
    happy new year, may everything go well. msg for you on xanga, short, but hey. =) *hugglez* x3___flameZ…and thanks for not forgetting about meh!

  3. iParadox

    Happy New Year! to You and Kayla!  I was assuming you’d find me but mostly I am on my poetry blog these days so if you’re wondering where to find me, that’s where I’ll be – a LOT. It is helping me discipline myself to writing poetry everyday – and that’s important to me.Your friend,Tootie Liversprinklesa.k.a. Kaety (or Kathryn)

  4. inlalaland06

    happy new year! i like ur site. and ur right bou tthe christianity old r u n kayla if u don’t mind me asking- her family seems to treat her as if she is 15 yrs old. thats crazy.
    ps- got ur site from the mental aid blogring


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