I was just chided by one of my blogfriends for not updating… was
worried about me/us.  Well, we’re doing great.  “A happy
people does not make history.”  Kayla just left for work, will be
home around 4-5.  I had an old friend drop by last night, and we
went out to the local contra dance.  Unfortunately, the caller
wasn’t very good, and I couldn’t understand what steps I was supposed
to be doing when.  I’m told the caller next week will be better,
so we might go back then.  It was a good crowd, and I had fun just
watching.  I sat down and knitted for a while.

Kayla finished the first Harry Potter book, so I rented the movie for
her.  She had neither seen the movies nor read the books. 
Gotta get her out of muggle culture, LOL.  We started watching it
last night, but had too many things going on.  Maybe tonight.


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  1. iParadox

    Hey, there you are!  I figure that you’re still honeymoonin’ (wink and a smile).  But I check everyday.  I closed down tootieliversprinkles so if you wanna find me you’re going to have to come to iparadox, euphoricblues or suncrow.  i recently watched the third harry potter movies with the kids – we’ve seen the first two movies umpteen times; my son is a huge fan and has read all 5 or 6 of the books, i lose count. 

  2. white_wolf_healer

    hey moss
    yea know looking at you blog pic and your hand fasting pic…..yep shaving the beard really did take a few years away from yea.
    with any luck I will have some female company this coming weekend…or the the nest one….
    any hows…
    knitting huh!
    I guess thats one way to get a new pair of socks


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