Sorry I haven’t been writing.  I haven’t been visiting all my
forums, or keeping up on all my email (though I try).  But I’ve
never been so happy in my life.  I’ve been married for 3 months
now to my wonderful Kayla, and it is just beyond description. 
We’re struggling through the usual problems, but we’re getting THROUGH
all of them and there is always that loving, smiling, beautiful woman
looking back at me.  I don’t think there is anything we can’t get
through together.  Of course, her family still isn’t talking to
me, other than in threats and insults, but as Dr. Low said, you can’t
control outer environment.

Getting ready for the Super Bowl.  I know New England is going to
win, but that won’t stop me from rooting for Donovan McNab and the
Eagles.  Gwenn is supposed to be coming over, and bringing the dip
and stuff.

John is taking us to breakfast in an hour or two.  Yes, it is mid-afternoon, but that isn’t unusual for us.

OK, not much else to say.  I wish the rest of the world was as happy as we are.


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