Being totally free from blame and taking complete responsibility for
life requires a great deal of discipline. It is a discipline of
self-love rather than self-contempt. When we love ourselves, we refuse
to allow others to manage our emotions from afar. Forgiveness is our
means to that end. When we choose this option, it eventually becomes an
automatic reaction toward those who treat us contemptuously, and then,
of course, forgiveness is no longer required. Forgiveness is an act of
self-love, rather than some altruistic saintly behavior. It gives un
control over our inner life and thoughts. Knowing that nothing is
random, and that all of life is purposeful, even people who seem so
destructively different from us, allows us to accept those “accidents”
and those “scoundrels” as events with some meaning for us. I can assure
you that once you no longer need the lessons in your life that
unpleasant events offer you, you will no longer have these events. If
forgiveness is something you need to practice, you will continue to
attract opportunities to practice it. If your reaction  is anger
and hatred and defiance, then “those kinds of people” and “weird
unlucky breaks” will continue to be in your life. I rarely run into
these things in my life anymore. I look for the good in everyone, and I
take responsibility for all that comes my way and I mean all of it!
Consequently, I see what I believe, over and over again. You too are
seeing what you believe, and if you are blaming and full of hate, that
is what you believe, and, of course, that what you see as well.

– Wayne Dyer, “You’ll See It When You Believe It”


Your idea of who you are is not inadequate, it is totally erroneous,
because it is based on the concept that you are an independent
entity.  Consciously One with All, all thought of inadequacy

– Carson’s Commentary


When one has nothing to lose, one becomes courageous.  We are timid only when there is something we can still cling to.

Carlos Castaneda


Admiration — our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.

Ambrose Bierce

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