Denying our hurts doesn’t take us home. Pretending to be angels when we
feel liked abused kids does not contribute to our awakening. But
neither does holding onto the wound. When the wound is addressed with
love, it heals. That healing can be instantaneous or it can take a
lifetime, depending on the degree of our surrender to love. But
victimization does stop and healing does happen. The drama of suffering
does come to an end. Awakening is not a wrenching process, but a gentle
giving up of blame and shame. A gentle letting go of projection.

– Paul Ferrini, “The Silence of the Heart”

The work toward enlightenment often entails a painful and not very
pretty arousal of the worst of which we’re capable, made plain to both
ourselves and others, in order that we might consciously choose to
release our personal darkness.

– Marianne Williamson, “A Year of Daily Wisdom”

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