We are sent situations where we’re being asked to be bigger than we had
been yesterday; more compassionate than we were yesterday; more noble
than we were yesterday; more serene than we were yesterday; more
forgiving than we were yesterday and more loving than we were yesterday.
– Marianne Williamson

Boy, don’t I know that one!  Let me tell you about it…

Yesterday, I got a forward from my religious teacher, Sri Virendra
Qazi.  I have been talking to Virendra for perhaps 6 months, and
he has scheduled a trip to the US to meet with me – he lives in New
Delhi, India.

The forwarded message regarded a contact to him from a lady who has a
nationally-syndicated radio talk show on spirituality, and it has
featured the likes of Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, among many
others you may have heard of.  Rather than agreeing to do such an
interview, Sri Virendra told her to contact me, and that I would speak
for him.

I feel humbled, honored, and scared to death — I have yet to absorb
Sri Virendra’s teachings, although my spirit has a close affinity to
them.  But he wants me to speak for him, and directed me to
introduce myself to her.  Not being one to back down from a
challenge, I have done so.  I await a response.


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  1. SingleOneTeen

    how did you make that site
    can you give me a link to do it
    was it free at all FREE FREE at all
    Bye dan


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