There is only one God, one Life, one Power, and it is Love. Love cannot
be broken or lessened, because it is infinite. It is the reason I took
birth, the impetus behind my desires, and it is the reason for Being.

Love, no matter what it looks like, can never fail – and it can never
fail me. I am stronger than the appearances of thoughtlessness or
loneliness. My heart is large enough to encompass the whole world,
because my heart is the One Heart. I refuse to take offense at the
unintentional slights of others.

I lift my thinking, my believing, and my loving above all conditions,
and let the power of Love – the one pure infinite Spirit, work through
me and live as me. I let this infinite Spirit love me through all form.
I let go of anything occluding my heart or my ability to love no matter

Love is all there is, and I am Love.

And so it is.
– The GoodStart List

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