Well, I have a new business.  I and 3 of my good friends have
started a religious order and seminary.  The website just went up
today; the incorporation papers got filed today.  We’re open for
business.  Here is the letter I have posted to some of my
groups.  Please wish us luck.


Pathways Seminary is now in business, offering real degrees on pagan
and Lightworker subjects.  The validity of these degrees will be
proven by our graduates.  We offer Bachelors, Masters and
Doctorate Degrees — at present in Eclectic Paganism, Gardnerian Wicca,
Irish Witta, and Corellian Nativist Wicca, but we will be branching out
to other traditions and non-pagan lightworking.

We will also be issuing Minister’s Licenses — for a two-year period,
verifiable, renewable, AND REVOCABLE, so that if a County Clerk calls
us for verification, we can tell them if the license is still in good
standing… and we will do complete, fair investigations on ethics
violations to determine whether we do not want that person representing
all of us in Pathways.

We will also be offering some individual online or audio classes at low
cost, including Reiki I, II, and III attunements at much less than is

And plan to form the Pathways Foundation with our profits, if any, to help those of us who are in desperate need.

Please visit us at Pathways Seminary!

Co-Founder, Pathways Sanctuary

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