The body is a
temporary container for breath. The persona is a temporary container
for Self. Breath and Self are deeper than any experience or set of
conditions. They arise inwardly and thus cannot be defined externally.
When you breathe deeply, you let go of the tension that creates
dis-ease in the body. Rhythmic breathing takes into a state of physical
ecstasy When you remember Self, you go beyond your attachment to the
idiosyncrasies of your persona. You experience a peace and a freedom
that lies beyond the conditions that appear to being you. As  Self,
you are never a prisoner of conditions. How could you be? If you see
yourself as a prisoner or a hapless victim, you are in your persona.
When you dwell in your Self, you know yourself to be totally innocent
and free, regardless of what others may believe about you.

-Paul Ferrini, Miracle of Love

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