I’m sorry I haven’t written much lately.  I’ve been so busy.

Take today.  I got woke up at 10 am by a guy who bought a computer
from me but forgot the adapters and power cord.  I had placed an
ad in the same paper he read to buy it from me, and he called me a week
ago to schedule, cancelled, rescheduled, didn’t show up… and a week
later, knocks on my door at 10 am.

I got up, took my supplements, did my meditation, read my email, got my
snail mail, and went to get something to eat.  After that, at 2 pm
I went to the weekly meeting of the Asheville Homeless Network. 
We had a great meeting, very good attendance, got a lot done. 
Father Tom stated that he liked coming to our meeting — we are working
WITH the homeless, the other groups are working FOR the homeless. 
I went home and started typing up my report on the meeting.

At 3 pm I had class with my student, Sapphire Spirit.  We had a
long chapter to cover, it took a full 2 hours.  I then had her and
her husband drop me off at Wal*mart to get some paper and food.  I
took the bus back home.

A half hour after returning home (now 6:45) I noticed that my alarm had
not gone off for my 7 pm meeting.  I looked at my phone — and
found that the meeting was a 6 pm.  I grabbed my stuff and walked
the 1/2 mile to the meeting site.  This was a meeting called
Conversations of Kindness, sponsored by The Kindness Campaign, for
which I am a frequent volunteer.  After hearing the new Chief of
Police talk and answer some questions (including one of mine, which he
dodged nicely but not so nicely that everyone didn’t notice), he left
and we broke into focus groups.  I had my own focus group, on, of
course, the topic of Asheville’s homeless population and what we can do
for and with them.  Barry, the founder of the Kindness Campaign,
joined in my group.  We came up with some great ideas.

After helping clean up after the meeting, I walked home.  When I
got there, I had to finish typing up the AHN meeting notes and post
them to email and to the website; type up the Kindness Campaign meeting
notes and post them to Barry, AHN, and the AHN website; and make some
corrections to both the document file and the website file for the
chapter we read in Class today.  I then called my sweetie again
and talked to her a little bit, and talked for about a minute to my
friend Ale (in Brazil).

I got my email cleaned up again (another 35 or so messages), read some
of my forums, and collected the sayings for the post below.  It is
now 1:45 am.  I’m about bushed, but need to spend some time
winding down.

This has become almost a typical day for me.  The world should be perfect in a week at this rate, LOL.


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