For those of you I haven’t told yet, Kayla broke up with me last
Saturday.  Please, if she asks for your support, give it to
her.  She is still in the middle of a hard life.  Yes, I miss
her, but I can take care of myself… with some help from all
y’all.  I wanted to wait to post this until I got up the nerve to
tell my parents.

I’m glad to say I have grown a great deal in the past year, and have a
much better idea of where I need to continue my growth.  If Kayla
hadn’t been with me, I might not have made it through.


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  1. Mandrake

    Sorry to hear about the end of your relationship.  It’s good that you can focus on what was good about it.-M

  2. LadyDharma

    Oh my sweet net friend…I’m so sorry….

  3. Anonymous

    I have been checking Xanga so infrequently of late that I just saw this today (10/10). I have been listening to tapes of you lately, and thus thinking about you a good deal, and I’m very sorry to hear that the relationship with Kayla did not continue beyond what it had. You are in my thoughts.


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