This weekend was SerpentStone Samhain Gathering.  The weather was
perfect, although chilly at night.  I was overwhelmed by the love
and support my Family gave me.  I had a wonderful time, it was
much better than expected and almost as good as I might have dreamed
of.  I got love, hugs, and support from people I was not expecting
it from, no new shocks of someone I thought was my friend treating me
badly… I was  saddened by one or two people that I expected to
not treat me well that lived up to that expectation, but even that was
kept in the background, nobody went off in my face.  I also got to
participate in the memorial service for my dear sister Rhea, aka Elf,
who passed earlier this year, resulting in many much-needed tears of
loss, joy, and sharing with others.

But the understanding that Lady Rhiannon had with the landowners turned
out to be different from the wishes of the landowners.  Somebody –
who did not know me – heard I was there and told the landowners, who
then told Rhiannon that I had been banned from the site.  All this
was late on Saturday, I had been there for nearly 2 days with no
problems.  As Rhiannon tearfully explained this to me, many of my
beloved Family also turned out to give me aid and support.  Money
was given me for a motel room and Dreamfox drove me to the nearest
affordable motel, and I spent Saturday night there.  This also
gave me a good chance to talk with Dreamfox, something which happens
too infrequently, and I was again astonished by the amount of love in
his heart as I was by many others over this wonderful weekend.

Sunday late morning my students came and picked me up the next day, after packing up our campsite.

Yule Gathering will be at a site owned by Lady Rhiannon, whose daughter
Diana informed me that if I had any troubles with the owners, she would
personally kick their asses…  LOL

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Family – and that so many in that Family feel blessed by my spirit and contributions.


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  1. Empty_Cardboard_Box

    Samhain Blessings ~ hope your coming year is filled with happiness and love and friendship. blessed beAirin Fallenstar


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