I had another really good day today.  A wonderful meeting of
Asheville Homeless Network; a really good idea of how to connect with
some of our members.  I posted the minutes to the website and
Yahoogroup.  John took me to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. 
I taught class with Sapphire Spirit, who is just about ready for her
First Degree Initiation.  I then bought a much-needed ink
cartridge and some groceries… missed the bus, but some family saw me
walking in the cold wind and decided to give me a ride home.  I
did not get home in time to try out the new Open Mic night at a local
place, but had a couple good phone calls, with my ex, Beth, and my
cousin Linda.  I also found out that my parents made a deposit to
my bank account to cover my birthday and Yule.  I used all of that
which I would otherwise have used to buy myself something to pay down
some of my debt, keeping enough for food and presents.

I am going tomorrow to the Post Office and get a PO Box for Pathways
Sanctuary/Seminary.  Within a week, we should start
re-incorporating as a NC non-profit religious corporation.

OK, fortune cookie time.



Fill yourself with love for everyone. See the unfolding of God in
everyone you meet, including those whom you’ve been taught to reject.
– Wayne Dyer, Everyday Wisdom

Having a plan isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but falling in love with the
plan is a real neurosis…don’t let your plan become bigger than you
– Wayne Dyer, Everyday Wisdom

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