I love having good days.

I talked with Cathy Holt of The Kindness Campaign last night, helped
with some computer problems.  She said she would call me around 10
am to help them with a mailing that was rush-rush.  At 10:30 I got
the call, Lisa said she was emailing me a couple of files to try to
mailmerge.  I got the email around 11:00, fought with it until
11:30 when I started to win, by 11:45 I was finished with that part of
the project and know how to repeat it quickly should it occur
again.  By Noon, Lisa was over here at my apartment, and we fought
through a couple more obstacles, and by 1:30 she was calling me
“God”.  I love it when I win.  By 2 pm we were at Lisa’s
starting to collate the mailing project.  All told, there were 5
of us involved, and we were done around 5:00 pm.  Add to that the
fact that one of the volunteers working with us gave me a check for
$100 for Asheville Homeless Network.  I got to the Post Office and
mailed the stuff I needed to for Pathways Sanctuary.

Yeah, I’m tired, but I’m happy.  Kayla also called to wish me
happy birthday, and I arranged with Lenny to go get a birthday Blizzard
tomorrow, followed by an afternoon of football watching.


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  1. LadyDharma

    Well Happy Birthday!  You are on fire!


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