You can tell more about a person from what he says about others than what others say about him.
– Anon.

There is the belief and experience that we are separate from God. There
is the belief and experience that we are one with God. And there is the
truth that there is only God, the Truth that is prior to all belief and
– Too Intimate for Words

Have you stepped outside and not even noticed what the weather was
like? How many times have you traveled to some destination and, due to
the fact that your mind was on another issue affecting your life, you
did not even notice how you felt or what you saw? How much of life do
you let pass by without a thought?
– Zen O’Clock

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love,
grace, and gratitude.
– Denis Waitley

I never demanded that you be perfect. I too was not perfect, although
you believe me to be. That, of course, is the problem. If I am perfect,
then you must be. And if you are not perfect, then you believe that you
have failed me and yourself. That is pure foolishness. Please discard
these erroneous ideas. Accept yourself as you are, with all your
mistakes and apparent weaknesses. Then you will be ready to walk the
path with me.
– Paul Ferrini, Miracle of Love


Anger never benefits us.

We been told that we must express our anger, and that it’s necessary to
confront whomever is responsible for it. From the Course we are
learning something quite different. We are learning that anger is the
ego on the loose. Anger is never necessary; it is always a cry for
healing and help.

What does it mean when are the brunt of someone else’s anger? Shouldn’t
we at least address it? The Course says no. To address it is to make it
real, which fosters its manifestation again and again. Our better
response is to turn the other cheek, to offer loving forgiveness. Let’s
not forget that whatever we perceive in the experience we’ve attracted
directly reflects what we expected, what we projected, and what we
actually wanted, even though we may insist otherwise.

No doubt we’ve all heard someone say, “But anger energizes me.” Let’s
suggest they weigh the long-term results of the empowerment gained when
they say no to anger and yes to love. How good it feels to take charge
of our expressions.”

Anger may try to imprison me today, but I hold the key that opens the door to freedom and peace.

– Karen Casey, Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course

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