So many good things are happening.  I know there will be setbacks, but I know how to handle them.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday was SerpentStone Yule Gathering.  I
was welcomed with open arms, lots of love, and had a pretty good haul
in the gifties department too. 

Saturday I learned that a friend of mine had gotten her grant proposal
accepted — and it includes lots of money for me to write a website for

Monday I got the paperwork back from the NC Secretary of State,
accepting Asheville Homeless Network as a non-profit corporation (not
501(c)(3) yet).  Also opened a checking account for AHN.

I had a very life-affirming conversation with my mother.  I would
still like to know which aliens kidnapped the mom I grew up with and
left this wonderful person in her place — so I could thank them.

And then John took me to Pizza Hut tonight.  Yum.

And that’s not everything.  Hope life is treating you as well, and you are welcome to borrow some of my good fortune.


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