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People need to learn….  
that they cannot make anyone love them.
What they can do is to let themselves be loved.

To learn what is most valuable,
is not what they have in their lives,
but who they have in their lives.

People need to learn that it is not good
to compare themselves to others.
All will be judged individually
on their own merits, not as a group,
on a comparison basis.

People need to learn…
that a rich person is not the
one who has the most,
but is one who needs the least.

People need to learn…
that money can buy everything,
but not hapiness.

You need to learn that two people
can look at the same thing
and see it totally different.

People need to learn…
that it only takes a second
to open profound wounds
in the ones they care about,
and that it takes many years
to heal that wound.

People need to learn…
to forgive, by practising forgiveness.

To learn that there are people
that love them dearly,
but simply do not know
how to express or show their feelings.

People need to learn…
that it is not always enough
that they be forgiven by others,
but that they have to learn
to forgive themselves.

People need to learn…
that a true friend is someone
who knows everything about you,
and likes you anyways.
People need to…
thank the “Creator” for all
that he has done
for them and their family.

People will forget what you said.
People will foget what you did.
However, people will never forget
how you made them feel.

There is so much to learn,
and as people,
we sometimes think we
know it all,
then we forget what
there is to be learned.

Grayeagle Morningsun

Well, I’ve certainly changed… when I took the Myers-Briggs
Personality Inventory way back in the old days, I was a strong INFP…
now I’m a strong ENF with a weak J…

Your Type is
Extroverted    Intuitive    Feeling    Judging
Strength of the preferences %
44          38          38          11

Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging
by Joe Butt

Profile: ENFJ
Revision: 3.0
Date of Revision: 23 Feb 2005

ENFJs are the benevolent ‘pedagogues’ of humanity. They have tremendous
charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or
grand schemes. Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others
with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. But
it’s usually not meant as manipulation — ENFJs generally believe in
their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they
usually are.

ENFJs are global learners. They see the big picture. The ENFJs focus is
expansive. Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or
projects simultaneously. Many ENFJs have tremendous entrepreneurial

ENFJs are, by definition, Js, with whom we associate organization and
decisiveness. But they don’t resemble the SJs or even the NTJs in
organization of the environment nor occasional recalcitrance. ENFJs are
organized in the arena of interpersonal affairs. Their offices may or
may not be cluttered, but their conclusions (reached through feelings)
about people and motives are drawn much more quickly and are more
resilient than those of their NFP counterparts.

ENFJs know and appreciate people. Like most NFs, (and Feelers in
general), they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for
the needs of others. They have thinner psychological boundaries than
most, and are at risk for being hurt or even abused by less sensitive
people. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can
TRADEMARK: “The first shall be last”

This refers to the open-door policy of ENFJs. One ENFJ colleague always
welcomes me into his office regardless of his own circumstances. If
another person comes to the door, he allows them to interrupt our
conversation with their need. While discussing that need, the phone
rings and he stops to answer it. Others drop in with a ‘quick
question.’ I finally get up, go to my office and use the call waiting
feature on the telephone. When he hangs up, I have his undivided

Functional Analysis:
Extraverted Feeling

Extraverted Feeling rules the ENFJ’s psyche. In the sway of this
rational function, these folks are predisposed to closure in matters
pertaining to people, and especially on behalf of their beloved. As
extraverts, their contacts are wide ranging. Face-to-face relationships
are intense, personable and warm, though they may be so infrequently
achieved that intimate friendships are rare.
Introverted iNtuition

Like their INFJ cousins, ENFJs are blessed through introverted
intuition with clarity of perception in the inner, unconscious world.
Dominant Feeling prefers to find the silver lining in even the most
beggarly perceptions of those in their expanding circle of friends and,
of course, in themselves. In less balanced individuals, such mitigation
of the unseemly eventually undermines the ENFJ’s integrity and
frequently their good name. In healthier individuals, deft use of this
awareness of the inner needs and desires of others enables this astute
type to win friends, influence people, and avoid compromising

The dynamic nature of their intuition moves ENFJs from one project to
another with the assurance that the next one will be perfect, or much
more nearly so than the last. ENFJs are continually looking for newer
and better solutions to benefit their extensive family, staff, or
Extraverted Sensing

Sensing is extraverted. ENFJs can manage details, particularly those
necessary to implement the prevailing vision. These data have, however,
a magical flexible quality. Something to be bought can be had for a
song; the same something is invaluable when it’s time to sell. (We are
not certain, but we suspect that such is the influence of the primary
function.) This wavering of sensory perception is made possible by the
weaker and less mature status with which the tertiary is endowed.
Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking is least apparent and most enigmatic in this type.
In fact, it often appears only when summoned by Feeling. At times only
in jest, but in earnest if need be, Thinking entertains as logical only
those conclusions which support Feeling’s values. Other scenarios can
be shown invalid or at best significantly inferior. Such “Thinking in
the service of Feeling” has the appearance of logic, but somehow it
never quite adds up.

Introverted Thinking is frequently the focus of the spiritual quest of
ENFJs. David’s lengthiest psalm, 119, pays it homage. “Law,” “precept,”
“commandment,” “statute:” these essences of inner thinking are the
mysteries of Deity for which this great Feeler’s soul searched.

Famous ENFJs:

David, King of Israel
U.S. Presidents:
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan

William Cullen Bryant, poet
Abraham Maslow, psychologist and proponent of self-actualization
Ross Perot
Sean Connery
Elizabeth Dole
Francois Mitterand
Dick Van Dyke
Andy Griffith
James Garner
William Aramony, former president of United Way
Gene Hackman (Superman, Antz)
Dennis Hopper (Speed)
Brenda Vaccaro
Craig T. Nelson (Coach)
Diane Sawyer (Good Morning America)
Randy Quaid (Bye Bye, Love; Independence Day)
Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive)
Kirstie Alley (“Cheers,” Look Who’s Talking movies)
Michael Jordan, NBA basketball player
Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Oprah Winfrey
Bob Saget America’s Funniest Home Videos, Full House
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Seinfeld”)
Ben Stiller (The Royal Tenenbaums)
Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts quarterback
Matthew McConaughey (The Wedding Planner)
Pete Sampras, Tennis Champion
Lauren Graham (“Gilmore Girls”)
Ben Affleck (The Sum Of All Fears)
John Cusack (High Fidelity)
Fictional ENFJs:

Joe Hackett, Wings
Copyright © 1996-2005 by Joe Butt

Everything’s just fine, except the Panthers lost, snif…


Inner peace is letting go of being right. Obviously, I can’t make
myself right without  making someone else wrong. Forgiveness is a
choice. If I want to change my mind from an environment that tortures
me to an environment that comforts me, I must make forgiving as routine
as breathing. Forgiveness isn’t something nice I do for another person;
it’s something nice I do for my mental health.
– Hugh Prather, Morning Notes

Another great meeting of Asheville Homeless Network.  We have
gotten enough donations that I can even discuss paying me something for
the website work.  I probably spend close to an hour each week
working on that.  I got them to agree to pay me for 15 minutes per
week at $8 per hour… still don’t value myself MUCH, but at least I’m
valuing myself SOME.  They agreed for it, and I got to write
myself a check for last year, $100.  We have been promised other
donations and I’ll pay myself the other $100 when we get some of them.

I played tonight at the Courtyard Open Mic.  I’ve been doing this
for a few weeks now.  Last week I fell into old patterns, acted
nervous, depressed, and put myself down a lot… after my first set, I
got a bit of a hold on myself, and pulled out nothing but my own songs
for the second set.  I did lots better… and finished clearing
the patterns on my walk home.  This week, I went in with a good
attitude and had fun.  Mostly funny songs in the first set. 
I had wanted to do “All the Love In the World” during my second set,
when it began to look like I wasn’t going to get a second set, so I put
the lyric sheet away.  Turns out there was time after all, so I
did a couple of my best Stan Rogers songs, “Fisherman’s Wharf” and
“Lies”.  I did them REALLY well, except for one breath problem
during “Wharf”.

Feeling great, loving myself, working very hard at judging others less
(this was the first Open Mic with hip-hop “artists”, that was really
hard to sit through… and I noticed that they came just before their
set and left right after it, so they weren’t there for the community,
just the mic… ok, trying to not judge that behavior, but again, it’s

May your life be free from karmic cowflops!


Learning My Lessons

There is no “me”
There are no “them”
There is only You
Separation is maya
I destroy the Universe which I created
and find the Joy of Unity

I learn to walk with You
and find that You do all the walking
And all that is walked upon and within is You.

There is no more to Do,
only Be,
O Lord of the Dancing Waters!

(c) 2006 by Gerald L. “Moss” Bliss (Zaivalananda), written January 11th and 18th, 2006.

Maybe I’m too critical, but this is not my best poem… still, it is my
policy to publish my poetry, in case someone else has a different level
of judgment.  It is also a fairly clear statement of where I am in
my spirituality, so that should be good for something.


The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion.
Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science. Anyone to whom
this feeling is alien, who is no longer capable of wonderment and lives
in a state of fear is a dead man. To know that what is impenetrable for
us really exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the
most radiant beauty, whose gross forms alone are intelligible to our
poor faculties his knowledge, this feeling … that is the core of the
true religious sentiment. In this sense, and in this sense alone, I
rank myself among profoundly religious men.
– Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

There is a kind of spirituality that transcends the bounds of religion,
that honors a God who is beyond the particular path you found to get to
that God. Honoring differences is a spiritual practice that causes us
to make major shifts in our lives but that can give us some of the
greatest joy we will ever experience. When we learn to respect each
other’s uniqueness, we truly understand that in truth, we are all one.
– Mary Manin Morrissey

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and
brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.
– Jean Shinoda Bolen

The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change
your own beliefs about the nature of life, people and reality to
something more positive…and begin to act accordingly.
– Shakti Gawain

Continuing to cling to the patterns you know inhibits your ability to discover what you don’t know.
– Eric Allenbaugh

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people
always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can
be great.
– Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

All things belong to us; that is, all things are ready for us whenever
we can use them; but we cannot use the greater things in life so long
as we are living a small, partially dormant life. The riches of the
kingdom are not for us ‘to have and to hold;’ they are for us to use;
and we can use them all only as we become alive with the life more
abundant in every element of body, mind and soul.”
– Christian D. Larson
God is on your side. God has a stake in you. God is not someone to
reach for but a Presence to accept. Instead of dwelling on how
difficult things are for you, turn often to the center of your being
and relax in the assurance that you are God’s living enterprise and
that your good fortune is secure because it is God’s good pleasure to
give it to you.
– Eric Butterworth
All emerge from that One Whose Being is ever present and Whose Life,
robed in numberless forms, is manifest throughout all creation.
Creation is the logical result of the out-push of Life into
Ernest Holmes
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people
always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can
be great.
– Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.
– Leo Buscaglia

In your moments of fear, recognize what your own power of choice is.
You are not at the mercy of your inadequacy. The intention that will
empower you must come from a place within you that suggests that you
are indeed able to make responsible choices and draw power from them,
that you are capable of acts of wholeness.
– Gary Zukav

Have no fear about being afraid. Fear can’t learn, which is why you
must learn about fear if you ever wish to be a fearless learner. So,
the first thing you must learn is how to get past your fear of being
afraid. Here’s how. The next time a fear of some kind tries to fill one
of your moments, try to see the difference between the fact of your
situation and your feelings about it. This it the right use of your
mind. For instance, it’s a fact that interest rates change. It’s not a
fact you have to get scared when they do. That fear is not a fact of
life, but only becomes one for you as long as you insist that life
perform according to what you think are your best interests. As you
learn to see that these fearful feelings don’t belong to you, but only
to your wrong thinking, you cease to be afraid, even of your own fears.
– Guy Finley

He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to
forgive. But he would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth
exactly as it is.
– from A Course In Miracles

A significant portion of the earth’s population will soon recognize, if
they haven’t already done so, that humanity is now faced with a stark
choice: Evolve or die. A still relatively small but rapidly growing
percentage of humanity is already experiencing within themselves the
breakup of the old egoic mind patterns and the emergence of a new
dimension of consciousness.
– Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

What is arising now is not a new belief system, a new religion,
spiritual ideology, or mythology. We are coming to the end not only of
mythologies but also of ideologies and belief systems. The change goes
deeper than the content of your mind, deeper than your thoughts. In
fact, at the heart of the new consciousness lies the transcendence of
thought, the newfound ability of rising above thought, of realizing a
dimension within yourself that is infinitely more vast than thought.
You then no longer derive your identity, your sense of who you are,
from the incessant stream of thinking that in the old consciousness you
take to be yourself. What a liberation to realize that the ‘voice in my
head’ is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that. The
awareness that is prior to thought, the space in which the thought – or
the emotion or sense perception – happens.
– Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

As irrigators lead water where they want, as archers make their arrows
straight, as carpenters carve wood, the wise shape their minds.
– Gautama, called the Buddha

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you
didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow-lines. Sail
away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.   – Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

Your devotion in worship is of great importance.  If you’re not
willing to spend time in worship because other things are more
important to you then you might as well realize that for what it
is.  If your Father misses spending time with you out of his love
and adoration, don’t you think that He would be pleased with whatever
time you spend with him rather than none at all?
– John Morton

Loving is constantly in motion – experiencing, expressing, giving. The
loving nature doesn’t just say, “I am love,” while doing nothing.
– John-Roger with Paul Kaye, Momentum, Letting Love Lead – Simple Practices for Spiritual Living

The source of loving is inexhaustible. There’s no way we can ever
exhaust the opportunity to be more loving.  Part of the illusion
is that the source of loving is finite and somehow loving can be
reduced and become unloving. The source of loving is always full, more
than full and overflowing in love.
– John Morton

You don’t do the spiritual exercises as a way to get out of doing work
or to get away from the world or the people you don’t like or who don’t
like you. You don’t do them because someone has been saying bad things
about you. All of those are avoiding the relationship of yourself and
the rest of God’s body.  You do spiritual exercises as a sacrifice
and an offering to the Lord.
– John-Roger, Walking with the Lord


Your Life Number for 2006

Find your personal number and what it means for the path ahead of you
this year. It’s easy to get this valuable heads-up! Find out how, here:

1. First, you need to find your personal one-digit number for this
year. Write your birth month and day in numbers (for instance,
September 23 would be 9 + 23.)

2. Then add 2006 to your birth month and day (ex: 2006 + 9 + 23 = 2038).

3. Now add those 4 digits together. (ex: 2 + 0 + 3 + 8 = 13).

4. If, like me, you got a 2-digit number, add those digits together (ex: 1 + 3 = 4). THIS is your number for this year.

5. Here is the chart for determining what lessons and tasks you are likely to face this year, based on your personal number:

ONE – A great year to begin something, a project or enterprise. One
years are filled with energy and the power of focused will. Know that
you can change your life for the better! Just be sure to take into
account the feelings of those around you.

TWO – A year for forming partnerships of many kinds, and for focusing
on your own deep ways of knowing that go beyond the intellectual. What
does your gut feeling say? What are the deeper forces at work in your
psyche that will eventually demand expression? TWO years often involve
exploration of the more mysterious aspects of life, either through
therapy or the study of shamanic or other practices.

THREE – This is a creative year, rich with possibilities for bringing
things into form. If you have dreamed or envisioned something, a THREE
year is the time to come out into the world with it. Be sure to spend
some time in nature, and to enjoy the process of living every aspect of
your life creatively.

FOUR – This is a year to build firm foundations, make clear-sighted
plans, take on a leadership role in your own life, become your own
authority. FOUR years are the building-block years of great
achievement. Make sure you think things through carefully. Own your own
power as the architect of your life, rather than giving that power away
to others.

FIVE – This is a year to explore your relationship to the
systems–especially religious institutions–that exist to help humans
find the keys to Spirit. You may be called to take a stand on spiritual
views that are unconventional.

SIX – This is a year of loving connection. Although SIX years often
include falling in love, there is more to them than that: SIX years are
about clearing away our “stuff” so we can be a better conduit for the
mysterious power of loving that flows through the universe. This may
take the form of passionate involvement in causes, as much as in
forming unions with a beloved Other.

SEVEN – SEVEN years are all about forward momentum, being in the
driver’s seat of your life. The important thing to remember is the
necessity of aligning all aspects of yourself–mind, body, heart, will,
spirit–with your purpose. If your wheels are not aligned, it will be
difficult to get anywhere. But if you are completely in accord, there
will be no stopping you.

EIGHT – This is a year of balancing the needs of your ego and will with
those of your body and your instincts. Great achievement is possible
during an EIGHT year, but be sure to take time to rest, and play, and

NINE – This is a good year to take time away from all the noise and
busyness to commune with your inner Wise One. Some time alone may be in
order, or you may need a nourishing retreat to get yourself back in
touch with the still, small voice that knows your answers. This is also
a good year to begin a program of study, or to find a mentor or teacher
who will be helpful to you.

– from Earth, Water Fire, and Air: Essential ways of connecting to spirit.

[my number is SIX – Moss]

Happy 2006!
What a great way to start the year by looking at your life purpose.

Here is your January soul lesson – use it to look at your year ahead.

If you ask me, life is too short NOT to build a life that feels
meaningful and on purpose. So claim a life of meaning as you head into
this brand new year.

Colleen Joy Page

January 13, 2006

Living your Life purpose
by Colleen-Joy Page

You are on purpose and your existence matters. Without you, there would
be something crucial missing from the universe. Without you the
universe would not be the same. You may only feel like a drop in the
ocean, but I tell you this, you have the power of the ocean inside of
you … and the ocean knows you, even if you have forgotten the ocean.
When you find the ocean in you, you will feel like the river the runs
towards the sea, not trying to climb hills but simply flowing in
accordance with the deeper calling that draws you nearer to fully merge
with your greatest self.

Have you ever had that annoying experience of going to a room to fetch
something only to stand there wondering what you went there for?
Standing there wondering, “What am I here for?” – that annoying feeling
of having forgotten what you came here for – sounds a lot like life
doesn’t it? You wake up one day with that same annoying feeling –
having forgotten what you are here for in the first place. Why did I
come here? Like it’s on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t seem
to grasp it, “what am I here for?”

There are 2 primary goals in any lifetime. The first and most important
is BEING. The 2nd goal is dependent on the first. The 2nd goal is
DOING. Most people believe that they are here to DO something and so
they spend time worrying about whether they are doing what they are
here to do. Many are even hoping that they can just get the doing part
over so that they don’t have to come back again. I can’t tell you how
many students have asked me, “What am I here to do – what is my
purpose, I want to know so that I can do it and not have to come back!”

If you focus on DOING you may miss the point entirely.

BEING is the priority, DOING is just bonus.

Let’s explain this crucial point further. Which provides more growth? Being and feeling worthy or doing what worthy people do!

Being a creative person or doing what creative people do?

Being soul or doing what spiritual people do!

Painting a picture does not mean that you FEEL and know yourself as an
artist. Giving to charity does not mean that you FEEL and KNOW yourself
as charitable. Lighting  candles and burning incense does not mean
that you KNOW yourself as SOUL.

It is the BEING, THE KNOWING and the FEELING that we are after. If your
soul has struggled with self worth over many lifetimes it is not here
to do worthy things, it is here to BE worthy and know WORTH. This is
the difference between belief and knowing.

Doing can be done from belief or knowing. Knowing comes from being. An
apple tree does not think, “Gee am I here to do apples!” The apple tree
says ” I am an apple tree”, so anything that the apple tree does is an
expression of being an apple tree. If the apple tree doesn’t know it’s
an apple tree it may spend much time trying to make oranges. If the
apple tree stumbles across making apples – it may feel in that moment a
sense of peace, energy, joy or inspiration (all signs of the doing that
is an expression of the true self) but if it still is out of touch with
who it is it may easily go back to doing oranges.

So align with your life purpose by focusing on BEING the truth of who
you are. Focus on transforming all of the fear inherent in your body
about BEING who you are born to be. Then the doing becomes a natural
expression of who you are, as easy as an apple tree making apples.

Another point to think about here is that you are not actually trying
to change who you are. An apple tree who has forgotten who he is, is
not trying to turn into an apple tree. He is trying to become conscious
of who he is already. And he is trying to free himself to BE true to
himself. Are you being true to yourself?

When you go looking for life purpose – You are trying to do the same.

To live your life purpose look for the apple tree within, release it
and let your true self grow to the full stature of your being.
Look out for your February lesson on remembering your past lives.

Feel free to share this email with your friends.

For those of you living in South Africa Colleen is launching her 3-day
intensive seminars called the “Apple Tree Seminars”. This is a must if
you want to: develop your intuition, align with your life purpose and
connect to your soul using powerful wholeness techniques. Call or email
for more information today, her first seminar is in Feb so don’t miss

From the office of Colleen-Joy Page
The Academy of Metaphysics
Tel: (27 11) 708 0000 / 708 4942
Fax: (27 11) 708 0962

I’ve been told that my rip of “Every Day of the Year” is not very
good.  I’ll fix it as soon as I can, probably have to take it off
the sites for now.


Caretaking: the act of taking responsibility for other people while neglecting responsibility for ourselves.

When we instinctively feel responsible for the feelings, thoughts,
choices, problems, comfort, and destiny of others, we are caretakers.
We may believe, at an unconscious level, that others are responsible
for our happiness, just as we’re responsible for theirs.

It’s a worthy goal to be a considerate, loving, nurturing person. But
caretaking is neglecting us to the point of feeling victimized.
Caretaking involves caring for others in ways that hamper them in
learning to take responsibility for themselves.

Caretaking doesn’t work. It hurts other people; it hurts us. People get angry. They feel hurt, used, and victimized. So do we.

The kindest and most generous behavior we can choose is taking
responsibility for ourselves – for what we think, feel, want, and need.
The most beneficial act we can perform is to be true to ourselves, and
let others take responsibility for themselves.

“Today, I will pay attention to my actual responsibilities to myself. I
will let others do the same. If I am in doubt about what my actual
responsibilities are, I will take an inventory.”

– Melody Beattie


It’s imperative that we stop feeling so guilty. Much of the time, the
things we feel guilty about are not our issues. Another person behaves
inappropriately or in some way violates our boundaries. We challenge
the behavior, and the person gets angry and defensive. Then we feel

Guilt can prevent us from setting the boundaries that would be in our
best interests, and in other people’s best interests. Guilt can stop us
from taking healthy care of ourselves.

We don’t have to let others count on the fact that we’ll always feel
guilty. We don’t have to allow ourselves to be controlled by guilt –
earned or unearned! We can break through the barrier of guilt that
holds us back from self care. Push. Push harder. We are not at fault,
crazy, or wrong. We have a right to set boundaries and to insist on
appropriate treatment. We can separate another’s issues from our
issues, and let the person experience the consequences of his or her
own behavior, including guilt. We can trust ourselves to know when our
boundaries are being violated.

“Today, I will let go of my big and little guilty feelings. Light and love are on my side.”

– Melody Beattie

Just wanted y’all to know that I have uploaded my song, “Every Day of
the Year” in MP3 format to my website,
, and will be uploading it to http:/// later
today.  This is my first ever studio cut, recorded in Fall of 2004
on a previously un-rippable CD… rippers are getting better, but I had
to find one from Russia to get it right.  Hope y’all enjoy it.

There’s a story behind this recording session.  A local pagan
woman who was a student at UNC-Asheville was in their recording and
production program, and she asked if she could record me.  It took
at least a couple months to get together.  Finally, we were in the
studio at UNC-A, and we did about 2 hours of recording, with
professional equipment going to a Mac with expensive software… which
she didn’t know well, and by the time we were done, she couldn’t figure
out where all the songs were… I found they were in subdirectory after
subdirectory, and tried to move them up to the same level
directory.  In doing so, I wiped a bunch of files that looked like
duplicates of other files… my bad.  There was only one song
left, and this is it.

The morals of the story are, don’t mess with a Mac when you’re a PC
guy, and make sure your engineer knows her software.  If I hadn’t
“fixed” it, she would eventually have found everything and I would have
had a whole CD.  And her professor basically forbid her to use the
studio for single-performer recording again.


Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.
– Swami Chinmayananda

…finding a spiritual solution to every problem involves doing the only
thing I can do with my life. That is, giving it away and being
simultaneously grateful for the opportunity to do so.
– Wayne Dyer, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Kindness if the touch of God. If God is love, kindness is the key to
happiness, freedom, and true success. And if God is one, it is
impossible that the practice of love would mean choosing between myself
and another. I am being dishonest when I say that I must put myself
first. I must put love first. Today I will use the most powerful and
transformative of all spiritual practices: I will be kind. I will be
kind to myself, to everyone I encounter, and to everyone who crosses my
– Hugh Prather, Morning Notes

If we want to be rid of darkness, we must turn on a light. Similarly,
if we want to be rid of fear, we cannot fight it but must replace it
with love.
– Marianne Williamson

Notice the acts of kindness other people do rather than their
wrongdoing. This is how God views you. We are all good, decent, loving
souls who occasionally get lost.
– Wayne Dyer

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
– Marcel Proust

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.
– Albert Einstein

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others, for those
voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face
the truth.
– Katherine Mansfield

It is in our lives and not our words that our religion must be read.
– Thomas Jefferson

Man made “God” in his own image. The eternal, the infinite, and
unnameable was reduced to a mental idol that you had to believe in and
worship as ‘my god’ or ‘our god’.
– Eckhart Tolle

…a growing number of followers of traditional religions are able to
let go of identification with form, dogma, and rigid belief systems and
discover the original depth that is hidden within their own spiritual
tradition at the same time as they discover the depth within
themselves. They realize that how ‘spiriitual’ you are has nothing to
do with what you believe but everything to do with your state of
– Eckhart Tolle

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.
– Henry Van Dyke

So how do you know what to commit to? When something resonates in your
heart, when it sings to you, when it affects you deeply, then you know
to commit wholeheartedly to it. It is important not to submit our time
andenergy to things that do not mean anything to us as those things
drain our energy. It is important to clarify whether the motivation to
do something comes from the heart or from the mind… is it a desire or
is it an obligation? If you are committing to something because it
truly appeals to you, then it will bring you pleasure, health,
satisfaction, and abundance.
– Marie T. Russell

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think another negative thought.
– Peace Pilgrim

The distance doesn’t matter; only the first step is difficult.
– Mme. du Deffand



“Unforgiveness makes us sick.”

For many of us it’s hard to understand that a dear friend suffering
from a terminal illness has been made sick by her unforgiveness. She
may not even seem angry or resentful, perhaps. Yet the Course tells us
that hanging on to the past hurts and hinders our present health. Could
her acknowledgment of this and willingness to forgive make her well?

Forgiveness might not erase the physical ailment, but her mental state
would reflect a more loving attitude, which is where one’s actual
“wellness” lies. The body embraces what the mind projects. Fully
understanding this principle gives us the capacity to create miraculous

When we have a headache or suffer from indigestion, we are quick to
look outside for the cause. While the external environment may be harsh
and demanding, it can’t make us sick. It doesn’t determine our
attitude. Taking responsibility for who we are is the most healing
action we can take.

“Am I hanging on to an old hurt?  The condition of my body may give me a clue today.”

– Karen Casey, Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course


“Mistakes are merely teaching and learning opportunities.”

When the shame and guilt we cultivate because of our errors create more
mistakes they gain momentum. Instead of growing from our mistakes, we
let them diminish us. And so our relationships with others are likewise

We can instantly halt the momentum, however. That’s the promise Jesus
has made us. But how do we do it? The decision to look upon every
circumstance through the loving eyes of the inner Spirit helps resist
the knee-jerk response we’ve grown accustomed to making. Until we
experiment with this change, we can’t imagine the results.

The holy Inner Voice has only soft, understanding words to offer in
even the most difficult of times. Being soothed through the minefield
makes us appreciate the opportunities we have for listening anew.

“I will look upon my struggles today as opportunities to hear the Holy Spirit’s message.”

– Karen Casey, Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course


Some of us may have made a decision that no one was ever going to hurt
us again. We may automatically go on “feelings freeze mode” when faced
with emotional pain. Or, we may terminate a relationship the first time
we feel hurt. Hurt feelings are a part of life. It is understandable
that we don’t want to feel any more pain. Many of us have had more than
our share, in fact, at some time in our life, we may have been
overwhelmed, crushed, or stopped in our tracks by the amount of pain we
felt. We may not have had the resources to cope with our pain or take
care of ourselves.

That was yesterday. Today, we don’t have to be so frightened of pain.
It does not have to overwhelm us. We are becoming strong enough to deal
with hurt feelings. And we don’t have to become martyrs, claiming that
hurt feelings and suffering are all there is to life. We need only
allow ourselves to feel vulnerable enough to feel hurt, when that’s
appropriate, and take responsibility for our feelings, behaviors, and
what we need to do to take care of ourselves. We don’t have to analyze
or justify our feelings. We need to feel them, and try not to let them
control our behavior.

Maybe our pain is showing us we need to set a boundary; maybe it’s
showing us we’re going in a wrong direction; maybe it’s triggering a
deep healing process.

It’s okay to feel hurt; it’s okay to cry; it’s okay to heal; it’s okay
to move on to the next feeling, when it’s time. Our willingness and
capacity to feel joy will eventually match our willingness and capacity
to feel hurt. Being conscious does not mean immunity from pain; it
means learning to take loving care of ourselves when we are in pain.

“Today, I will not strike out at those
who cause me pain. I will feel my emotions and take responsibility for
them. I will accept hurt feelings as part of being in relationships. l
am willing to surrender to the pain as well as the joy in life.”

– Melody Beattie