New Year’s Highlights

Spent New Year’s Eve with:  Lenny and Theresa, got to play
a lot of music, missed the annual fireworks for the first time I can
remember but no big loss.  Came home for the night.  Hardly
any alcohol, relied on Diet Pepsi.

First Text Message on my cell: What Did You Do On NY from Kayla…

First IM received: HNY from Flamez… nice to get your first IM of the year from a pretty girl…

First Email sent: Article on medical students refusing pharmaceutical
gifts and meals, to Bi-polar_pagans, Alt-therapies4bipolar, and
Asheville Radical Mental Health Collective groups, and posted on
Alternative Health Tips & Tricks forum at CornerBarForums. 
Gotta keep my values .

First phone calls received: Beth and Andrea.  (I called Lenny to
talk football, got his answering machine which is also a female voice.)


You may notice that these are fairly closely related…

  1. Break the habit of smoking.  I smoked for years without
    being addicted; the last 2 years or so have not been that way.  I
    don’t have to quit, just have to stop wanting it… smoking once every
    2-3 days is not that bad, and I used to do just that.
  2. Work on debt issues.  Get more paid work and use it to bring
    debt down.  I should be able to kill $4-5,000 of my debt this
    year.  I’ve already ground up several credit cards so I can’t use
    them; only have two left.
  3. STAY SINGLE.  I need to keep this up until at least Summer
    of ’08.  I’m too damned generous, and it gets me deeper in debt
    every time.
  4. Study how I can replace as much as possible of my supplements with better eating habits, and DO IT.
  5. Lose weight.  Headed right direction again, 262 this morning
    (over 280 in October).  Need to cut out fatty, salty foods (lose
    the chips n’ cheese, Moss).  (Starting Dr. Abravanel’s A-type
    diet.)  Should be able to get to and maintain 240, and work for
  6. Keep up walking program.  (Projected for 2007 – get in regular exercise at the Y or other gym.)

I’ve done really well on my resolutions the past two years.  Hope this year is no exception.

Asheville Homeless Network is about to take off.  Pathways
Sanctuary should get a good running start this month.  All my
other projects are moving forward at the pace I can maintain
them.  Looks like a really good year.

May your year be as wonderful as my last two.

Om Namah Sivaye!


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  1. pjskiwi

    Hi Moss. Those are some very good resolutions. I made one. I want to finish a story I am working on. It’s a light, fluffy thing…rather like harlequin romance story, but I am enjoying writing it. Other than that, I really don’t make resolutuions because I find it very hard to keep them.Have a great day!Paula


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