Monthly Archive: April 2006

Moving Right Along

The wedding went off beautifully, and a very happy couple was seen …
kissing for photographs (what an excuse!) repeatedly… if I get any
pictures, I’ll post them.

The Two Rivers Media Festival also was wonderful, although I would have
liked to see more people attending.  Lots of fun, and I got to
spend a full half hour onstage.

The weather was a bit cool for both, but only threatened to rain about 4 pm and barely sprinkled even then.


Well, turns out a lot of my stress was caused by my cutting back on my
supplements due to the gout appearing in my ankle… after that
subsided, I still forgot to increase them back to the previous
level.  Once I remembered to do that, most of my stress went
away.  I’m caught up again on the things I’m doing… except that
my membership level in expired, they tried to bill a
credit card that had been replaced and didn’t bother to tell me it

I’ll be marrying a couple next Saturday (29th), and as soon as I get
away from there I have a festival to perform at.  I’m not going to
run for reelection as President of Asheville Homeless Network, let
somebody else stress over that… probably will run for Treasurer


Here’s some more of what you love my blog for:


The extent of the ego’s inability to recognize itself and see what it
is doing is staggering and unbelievable. It will do exactly what it
condemns others for and not see it. When it is pointed out, it will use
angry denial, clever arguments, and self-justifications to distort the

The stronger the ego in you, the more likely it is that in your
perception other people are the main source of problems in your life.
It is also more than likely that you will make life difficult for
others. But, of course, you won’t be able to see that. It is always
others who seem to be doing it for you.

What is a negative emotion? An emotion that is toxic to the body and
interferes with its balance and harmonious functioning. Fear, anxiety,
anger, bearing a grudge, sadness, hatred or intense dislike, jealousy,
envy – all disrupt the energy flow through the body, affect the heart,
the immune system, digestion, production of hormones, and so on…An
emotion that does harm to the body also infect the people you come into
contact with and indirectly, through a process of chain reaction,
countless others you never meet. There is a generic term for all
negative emotions: unhappiness.

There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human
consciousness. That realization is true forgiveness. With forgiveness,
your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges – the power
of Presence. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.

If peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace. If peace
mattered to you more than anything else and if you truly knew yourself
to be spirit rather than a little me, you would remain nonactive and
absolutely alert when confronted with challenging people or situations.
You would immediately accept the situation and thus become one with it
rather than separate yourself from it. Then out of your alertness would
come a response. Who you are (consciousness), not who you think you are
(a small me), would be responding. It would be powerful and effective
and would make no person or situation into an enemy.

— Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

Terror is in the human heart. We must remove this from the heart.
Destroying the human heart, both physically and psychologically, is
what we should avoid. The root of terrorism is misunderstanding, hatred
and violence. This root cannot be located by the military. Bombs and
missiles cannot reach it, let alone destroy it. Only with the practice
of calming and looking deeply can our insight reveal and identify this
root. Only with the practice of deep listening and compassion can it be
transformed and removed. Darkness cannot be dissipated with more
darkness. More darkness will only make darkness thicker. Only light can
dissipate darkness.  Those of us who have the light should display
the light and offer it so that the world will not sink into total

–Thich Nhat Hanh in Shanghai, 19th October, 2002

lacking in your life. Do you embrace the difficult people in your
family, work or neighborhood? Do you hold grudges or do you forgive
those who betray you? The only way to keep in alignment is to practice
choosing love, again and again, even when it’s difficult.

— Mary Manin Morrissey

Sorry I haven’t written much lately.  On the negative side, I’ve
been bombarded with things to do which has caused major stress. 
On the positive side, rather than going catatonic, I made lists and
attacked each project one at a time, and EVERYTHING GOT DONE!  I
still need to find some funding sources for a couple of the solutions,
but I have been given more tasks which involve me SOMEDAY getting paid,
so the stress caused by doing these things will be partially relieved
by the stress reduced from money issues.

Don’t have time to write more right now.  Hope all is well in ALL your lives.  Irish, You Rock!