Monthly Archive: May 2006

Another Kind of Day

Well, I had the opposite kind of day today to that Saturday post last week…

I looked at my bills and what I was owed, and told AHN how much they
need to pay me (and how soon).  Went out to distribute fliers for
an herbalism workshop (he’s paying me for that, I finished up and
emailed him what he owes me).  Also hung up a couple more fliers
for my website business along the way.

Went to the post office on the way to distribute fliers, and found that
Pathways Sanctuary has received our checks and our debit card (no PIN
yet), as well as getting our $30 rebate check on the printer we
bought.  Went to the bank and deposited that.  Now we can pay
our credit card bill in a few days.

I stopped off at the game shop and checked the AHN donation jar, we had
over $5 there.  Had a nice chat with the owner, Alex…  went
to Somethin’ Different to get a couple ounces of Cavendish pipe
tobacco, had a nice chat with the manager there… they had gotten in a
lot of Dunhill pipe tobacco and it wasn’t moving, he wanted to know if
it was good or not so he gave me my choice of 5 varieties… GAVE me…
they cost $7.95 for a 50g tin…

Just had a call from Andrea, down in Gulf Shores MS… she has to have
gall bladder surgery almost immediately, her gall bladder is just
packed with stones, but there aren’t any surgeons in the area. 
Could be quite costly to bring one in.

Anyhow, that’s about 2 hours worth of my life today.  Hope your day is even better.


Fewer Fortune Cookies

DelphiForums messed me up.  I had their Advanced level of
membership, which gave me what I needed from them.  They abolished
the level — you either get the Basic membership free but with
advertising all over the place or their Plus membership, which is way
overpriced.  They billed me for my Advanced membership (we were
allowed to keep our Advanced as long as we were paid) on a credit card
which had been cancelled because I had lost my wallet — they never
notified me of a problem, and bumped me back to Basic.  They have
not been answering my emails to them.  Oh well, the only thing I
needed them for was The Realm of Be*ing, which is where I got most of
my good spiritual comments I posted here.

Otherwise I have had a few days of more-or-less depression.  It
only got bad one day, and I picked it up by the end of that day. 
But I’m not having enough contact with my friends, and am back to
having trouble going farther outside my door than my mailbox (which is
inside, in the foyer of the building).

I just noticed Kayla posted on the 17th.  She’s 6 months pregnant
(before you ask, she left here August 2, 2005, so it’s not mine). 
I worry about her… To read her blog or comment on it, search for

My email has fallen way off this year.  That is good, because some
days I barely can keep up with them anyhow.  I have not been using
my CornerBar forums as much as I used to.  My workload has fallen
off, which is a good thing, but so have my earnings.  Nothing new
this month except for a few dollars to hang fliers up around downtown.

I did get back out to the Open Mic last night.  I played three
songs I had never performed in public, mostly because I just learned
them this week.  Two of them were “lost” songs by Judee Sill —
the disc with them on it was not found and issued until last year, even
though she died in 1978.  There are at least 3 songs on it that
would have been a shame to not hear, and a RealAudio movie of her only
know filmed performance (bad quality, but again, it’s the only film we
know of).  I encourage you to get this, but you should first try
to find her two earlier albums, “Judee Sill” and “Heart Food”. 
These are being reissued under a number of titles, the Rhino Handmade
label is the best, with more studio outtakes, but the Water albums will
do.  Rhino has sold out of their American edition but has just
issued the same two discs in the UK, so you can probably buy a copy
from AmazonUK.  The new release (2-disk set) is called “Dreams
Come True” and is on Water.

Anyhow, I’m OK but not great.  It’s getting lonely again. 
Pretty bad when your imaginary girlfriend breaks up with you, LOL.


All heck breaks loose

You’re not going to believe this, but it is a VERY brief account of my last 24 hours…

One friend called last night, and by the time we had determined that I
had company and she (the caller) was in tears, she hung up, despite me
begging her not to (and the company being someone she knew). 

Then another friend called, and informed me that she should stop
talking to me — taking over 35 minutes to do so, including me pointing
this fact out about halfway through.  No, I hadn’t done anything
wrong, she was just afraid that she might forget I was just a friend
and I deserved better than her (her words).

Then I got an email from my fantasy online girlfriend, who informed me
it was insane for us to wait for each other for 2 years — something I
told her in the first place, and she talked me out of.  It is nice
to think that she thought of me for so long before dumping me though.

I got a call from another friend, who just got out of the hospital from
a nervous breakdown, after the man who is housing her and her husband
tried to force her into a relationship with him and literally called
her “my property”.

My company and another friend went to check on the friend who had hung
up in tears… she’s all right today, and the eventual upshot was that
she now owns the goldfish I’ve had from Kayla…

Another friend called.  A man she was interested in turned out to
not like her because she was too old… turns out he likes small
children…  he was mad at her for not understanding…

I know I forgot something… but oh well, that’s enough… 

I am very glad to be in so many peoples’ lives (or out of them). 
This has just been Drama Day, I guess.  Good thing I don’t have
much of my own to add (other than sadness over the hurts of my friends
and the breakup of my online relationship).