Catching Up

A lot of good, a little bad… had a few startles today after a relatively bad day yesterday.

First, when I went to make the copies for the flier that I’m paid to distribute, the copy center had raised their price from 6c per copy to 11c.  A couple of other minor startles (such as messing up a recipe I was making, but it worked out fine in the end), and then I got my monthly phone bill.

The phone company used to be my Internet Service Provider.  They told me they were raising their rates (to something I found unacceptable) in May, so on April 26 I called them and told them I was switching providers.  The lady said fine, she’d take care of it.  Then I got my June phone bill, and that charge was still on it.  I called back.  They told me I had to call BellSouth Internet to do that.  So I did.  The gentleman I talked to at that time stated that yes, I needed to call them, not the phone service provider, but that their computer showed the call on April 26th so he would disconnect my Internet and back-date it, issuing a refund.  No problem. 

Now I get my July phone bill.  No refund, and a new charge for Internet Service for July.  Several emails later (their billing support centers are closed this time of night), all I have are autoresponder messages saying they got my email.  (I’ve had problems with them claiming they never received my emails, so I saved the autoresponder messages just in case).

I’m sure these things happen to everyone.  I am not working myself up on them, but I do get startled and am, temporarily, out of sorts.

Hope your day was better!

Tomorrow I go help a couple (previously mentioned) work on their websites and computers, then try to hang up the fliers in the usual locations.



Easy Way for Worship

Life is complex nowadays,
Struggle is keen;
Here is an easy way
Of worshipping the Lord.
Consider your house
As a temple of the Lord,
Or Brindavan or Ayodhya;
Your wife, children and others
The holy company of Bhaktas [devotees].

Consider every word you speak
As the Japa [chant] of the Lord’s Name,
And the praise of the Lord;
Every action as service of the Lord.
Your lying in the bed,
As prostrations before the Lord;
Your daily walk and moving about
As perambulation of the Lord.

Consider the lights that you burn
In the evening
As waving lights to the Lord.

Consider sleep as Samadhi [meditative bliss];
Give the food as offering
To the Lord
And then take it as His Prasad [Holy Food].
You will attain happiness
Here and hereafter
If you worship God in this way.

Life is short, time is fleeting,
Start doing it right now.

    Swami Sivananda
    From Essence of Bhakti Yoga

    (All comments in brackets are mine, and are intended to aid your understanding; I know not everyone knows the Sanskrit words.)

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