Irish asked me what was stressing me…

Quite simply, everything.  The heat and humidity drain my energy to where I can hardly do anything, I have so many meetings that it is getting hard to schedule around them, I can’t keep up with my email (some days I get people typing to me faster in Messenger than I can finish reading an email) … and I can’t give any of this up.  Well, I can give up the heat and humidity, but they won’t go away.

And now in the past day or so I’ve started to come down with a cold, adding sinus pressure, headaches, sore throat, etc.  I have learned the hard way that taking cold medication not only does not help at all, but it extends the length of the cold, so please don’t give that advice.  So far I’m still sleeping OK, but waking up with a sinus headache… hope it goes away soon.  And yes, I’m doing all the herbal things I have.

It appears that the woman in Canada is strongly considering being serious.  I’m still a bit gunshy… but ah, what a voice!  It would be difficult to have a bad day, if I were waking up to that voice…  Anyhow, I haven’t fallen all the way in yet, I think I learned my lesson from scaring her off the last time.  But it wouldn’t take much… I have to remember my lesson with Laura, that we need to become friends first.  I hope it can happen.

I have an idea for my next article for, and will start working on it tonight.  A friend is helping me with it, her part should be written tonight.  The deadline is Midnight on the 25th.


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