Oh yeah, forgot a major stressor… my best friend, Frankie, went to Florida Thursday night to pick up her granddaughter, Raven, for a week together.  They left Florida Friday morning and have not been seen or heard from since.  And there are some people who think I’m hiding her, or hiding information about her.  Like I needed that stress… bad enough to not know where she is.  And, like I can keep my mouth shut about anything (which might, if something is up, be why she hasn’t called me.)  I’ve looked all over the Internet to find accident databases, to no avail.  Most of the drive between Florida and Sylva is in Georgia… if anyone knows how and where to search for recent auto accidents in Georgia, let me know.

Dream last night…

I drove a shiny but not new (like, 1980s) red Ford pickup truck to a shopping center and parked it.  There was a church there, and I had an appointment to talk to someone.  I do not remember the appointment, if it happened; I do remember looking around the church, even checking some cabinets (one large cabinet opened to more locked cabinet doors behind).

When I left the church, I couldn’t find my truck.  (I can’t remember ever finding my vehicle where I left it in a dream…)  I went back into the church, and a lady there said she’d help me look.  We went outside and looked a bit; I found a truck that my door key fit, but it wasn’t mine.  She put her arm around me and said hold on, and started running, it was more like flying with our feet moving, barely touching the ground.  Somewhere along the way I thought to mput my arm around her as well.  After we went on for a while, she stopped.  We walked around a corner, and in a driveway was a truck that looked like mine.  I tried the door key and it worked, I tried the ignition key and it worked.  A man came out of the house.  When asked, he said it had been towed there — the tow truck was just across the street.  I protested that I had parked it legally.  The man asked for my address and such so he could report the fact that cars were being towed from legal parking.  I went to get my bag, where I keep my business cards. 

That’s all I remember.

This was the first time I can remember actually FINDING a vehicle I had left somewhere.  I have lots of dreams where I’m looking all over the area for them.  (Also the first time I can remember driving a truck.)



May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand.

May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with optimism and courage. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile, be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love embrace you as you go into the world.

May the teaching of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished.


Find time in each day to see the beauty and love in the world around you. Realize that each person has limitless abilities,but each of us is different in our own way. What you may feel you lack in one regard may be more than compensated for in another. What you feel you lack in the present may become one of your strengths in the future. May you see your future as one filled with promise and possibility.

Learn to view everything as a worthwhile experience.

May you find enough inner strength to determine your own worth by yourself, and not be dependent on another’s judgments of your accomplishments.

May you always feel loved.

(Author not noted)

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  1. DubhSidh

    Has a missing person’s report been filed on your friend? If not, you could contact the Georgia Highway Patrol to find out if she has been in an accident. I hope she and her granddaughter are alright.


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