Grandma is doing worse.  She was better yesterday, but it seems she has inhaled a lot of food (pureed) instead of swallowing it (which is called aspirated pneumonia).  They have her on IV fluids only now, and are hoping to see if a feeding tube will help.  But I am not so optimistic now.

Frankie has not been found no heard from.

I had a meeting tonight, and nobody showed up.

All in all a really good day, if it weren’t so bloody hot.



Sutra 67 of the Nandinatha Sutras

Honoring The Values Of Others

All Siva’s devotees think globally and act locally as interracial, international citizens of the Earth. They honor and value all human cultures, faiths, languages and peoples, never offending one to promote another. Aum.


There is a center within all of us that brings peace, no matter what.

Let’s make a distinction between letting go and not caring.

Not caring brings apathy, loss of energy, and ultimately a resurgence of negative energy for bunches of complex reasons, not the least of which may be a breakdown of the denial that probably led to the not caring.

Letting go can be a whole different process. It is preceded by doing what we can, involving ourselves. In a sense, we have to take hold before we can claim to be letting go.

So letting go is about involvement first, then detachment, trusting we have done what we could, our job, met our responsibility toward the thing.

Letting go leads to that center of love, peace, and acceptance

Letting go is the basic process of meditation. Meditation is the practice of the technique of letting go.

Caring can sneak up on us in obsessive ways, seeming to be a good thing.  After all, shouldn’t we know and care about what is going on? Isn’t it our responsibility not to laugh and dance when things are going badly?

There is a point at which we have experienced the negative energy and awareness enough and it is time to let go. Healing is not about endless suffering.  Healing is exactly about letting go, coming to the pulse of life again with the love and joy that make life the truly beautiful thing that it is.

Care deeply. Do what you can.

Then let go. Release love into your circle, the world, the universe.

Copyright © 2003  by John MacEnulty
9/22/2003, St. Louis, MO

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  1. DubhSidh

    I am truly sorry to hear that your grandma has taken a bad turn. She will be in our thoughts as will you and the rest of your family.Also, if you want peace of mind that your friend was not in any accident in Georgia, it would be a good idea to contact the Georgia Highway Patrol. I had suggested that the other day in a reply to one of your entries. I do not know if you saw it or not. Either way, at least you *would* know. I am just trying to help.Blessings to you.


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