From my Dad, re: Grandma:

Mom is looking somewhat better. But she hasn’t had anything to eat since yesterday and very little of it got to her stomach.

we were told that she does have aspirated pneumonia. The X-rays showed
that some of the food that she ate yesterday got into her lungs.  She had an IV in her arm all day and when they came to give her a bath she pulled it out before the nurse could say, “Don’t”.

before we left tonight around 7:30 P. M. we had them put the IV back in
her arm with liquid in one and antibiotics in the other. Both are fed
into the same Heparin lock in the back of her hand. The nurse then
asked if it was okay to put restraints on her so she couldn’t pull the
IV out again.  We agreed that it was okay to do so.
Mom is still not able to speak much above a hoarse whisper and it takes a great effort on her part to do even that.  
Tomorrow, we have to get with the doctor and authorize the use of a feeding tube  the
NG (Nasal-Gastrointestinal—into the stomach through the nose). This
will be temporary to give her time to overcome the pneumonia. Tonight I
got the Doctor’s phone number and will attempt to contact him tomorrow.
There is some talk of putting her on Hospice in her own home  or at Woodruff Convalescent Center   They will give us 14 days more (about August 4th) before a decision has to be made and if she is improving during that time the time could be extended to 100 day.



I went to Open Mic Night tonight, and probably did my best performance yet.  We’re supposed to be limited to 10 minutes, but they asked me to keep playing until I was over 20, and then asked me back at the end for yet another song.  My voice, a bit rough from a recent cold (still have a touch of bronchitis from it), had just the right amount of range, inflection, etc., and my emotions matched the material perfectly, despite playing 5 very different songs emotionally.  I wish I could play this well every night.

Pam has decided to rekindle our friendship.  I don’t know what to say or do about it, but I liked her as a friend before.  If you have been reading for a while, you will remember that Pam dumped me… despite the fact that we weren’t in a relationship and I wasn’t ABOUT to get into one.  She is a wonderful poet and a good friend, but her bipolar tends to run wild cycles.  I like helping people, and Pam is worth being a friend to.  I hope we can work this out.  Anyhow, Pam requested a song at Open Mic, and then afterwards walked all the way home with me and sat in my living room talking and listening to musical selections.  I then walked her all the way back to The Courtyard, where her bike was locked up, and then she walked her bike all the way back to my place before going home.  It was well after 2 am by that time, and all that walking in this heat (plus the Open Mic room itself was an oven) meant I needed a shower.

Still no word from Frankie.  And Suzane does not appear to be online yet, usually we’ve been talking for an hour about now…  I missed a phone call from Viola, who is working on writing some rituals for my next article in PaganPages, but I’ll call her tomorrow.

Do I sound busy to you?  LOL




by Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D.

Do you take your body for granted? Actually, if you can, that’s a healthy sign that it’s working just fine, and not making any uncomfortable demands on your awareness. Your body has evolved according to an ingenious three million year-old blueprint to function automatically and constantly under a variety of circumstances, with a minimum of conscious attention. It efficiently assimilates food and eliminates waste, deftly cools and warms itself as conditions require, and silently monitors and repairs thousands of components, even as you obliviously go about your business. How miraculous that all this can happen on its own, without the slightest effort on your part!

But sometimes ignoring our bodies can lead to neglect and abuse, which in turn cause illness and disease. Perhaps a little more appreciation would lead to better self-care, or help us heal when things do go out of order. Why not take a few moments of your busy day, and read the following amazing facts about that marvel of functional design, your body. Perhaps your renewed appreciation will motivate you to make better choices on behalf of your faithful vehicle, and help insure many more years of productive, trouble-free service.

  • Your body is made up of approximately 100 trillion individual cells.
  • Your brain has ten billion nerve cells, and over a trillion different electrical circuits. The number of possible interconnections is ten with eight hundred zeros after it. This is eight times the number of atoms in the universe! Your brain, many times more complex than the most advanced computers, operates on the amount of electrical power that would light a 10-watt bulb.
  • Think you know the back of your hand pretty well? Just a 3/4-inch square patch of skin, only one-twentieth of an inch thick contains: 9 feet of blood vessels, 600 pain sensors, 300 sweat glands, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors, and 75 pressure sensors.
  • The combined pulling strength of all the muscles in your body equals 25 tons.
  • Your body secretes more than seven quarts of digestive juices a day.
  • Your ears can discriminate among more than 300,000 tones. Factory noise is one million times as loud as a soft whisper.
  • Your eyes can distinguish nearly eight million differences in colors.
  • The surface area of your lungs is 1,000 square feet – 20 times greater than the surface area of your skin.
  • Your bones manufacture one billion new red blood cells every day, replacing old ones at the rate of two and one-half million per second.
  • Your blood serum is almost identical in chemical content to sea water.
  • All the blood vessels in your circulatory system total nearly 70 thousand miles in length.
  • Your heart will pump about 2.5 billion beats in your lifetime.
  • Every pound of excess fat you carry requires an extra 200 miles of capillaries.
  • Your digestive tract is 30 feet long.
  • One cubic inch of your bone can withstand a two-ton force.
  • There are more bacteria living on and in your body than there are people on the earth. Most of them are benign and even beneficial: You on intestinal bacteria to help you digest your food.

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  1. Irishlass

    Yikes, I hope you hear from Frankie soon! 
    Congrats on the Open Mic!!! Sounds like lots of fun and I’m glad you have a friend back!
    Blessings and healing energy to your mom!!


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