My grandmother is up and walking around a bit.

That’s my mom on the far left side of the picture…

Life is being lifelike.  I got some money for groceries today and went and spent it, then spent the rest of the evening feeling wiped out.  I won’t bother you with the weird things happening in my so-called love life.  I don’t think I believe them, so why should you?



Your Sacred Self

You are sacred, and in order to know it you must transcend the old belief system you’ve adopted. You are a divine being called to know your sacred self by mastering the key to higher awareness. Your sacred self can triumph over your ego identities and be the dominate force in your life. You can radiate this awareness beyond your own boundaries and affect
everyone on our planet.

The ancient spiritual writings in the Cabbala have a very pertinent teaching that I would like you to come to know. It is suggested in them that our purpose here is to move from lower levels of living to higher planes. But in order to move to the next level we must fall down first…to acquire and generate the necessary energy to propel ourselves to the next level.

Thus every single fall that you experience is really an opportunity to acquire energy. The added energy provides the turbo boost to move up and fulfill your purpose on the next level. Your sacred self knows that your falls are necessary for the achievement of this gold.

– Wayne W. Dyer


The Incas of Peru had an old expression, “the flowering of my tears.”   This represented the time of fulfillment which came after a long period of difficulty and sorrow.
Our tears continually water the Earth and finally, after we have cried and cried, after we have let go of so much, after we have passed through the searing fires of initiation and the dark night of the soul, the flowers start to grow. These aren’t just ordinary flowers, they are precious, sacred flowers. Flowers that can only grow after we have passed through a time of struggle and transformation, a time of rebirthing into a new life.
May your tears always flower,
– Kathy Doore

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  1. DubhSidh

    Great to hear that your grandma is able to be up and moving around! We are keeping her in our thoughts!


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