Two members of my spiritual Family, SerpentStone, have died in the past week, one from cancer and the other from a heart attack.  The latter was pretty close to me… I’ll be going to the memorial service on Wednesday.  Also, three more have been diagnosed with different cancers, two of them recurrences.  This is a rough period for us.  I look forward to our Yule Gathering, which will be the weekend following my birthday.

Friday afternoon, Andy, Stacy and Robert came over to get the rest of Andarea’s stuff from my apartment.  Whew.  Could finally relax.  Then, with Pam visiting and watching movies with me, there was a knock on the window, and it was Andy.  When I went to the door to let him in, it was Andy PLUS Andarea and Stacy.  They had been run off their campsite by the Sheriffs Deputies and needed a place to stay.  I said no.  I let them rest up and get warm, but they left within the hour.  Pam helped me settle down (also a helpful call to Frankie), and we watched the rest of the movie we were watching plus a couple more videos.  I felt totally dragged out yesterday, and Viola suggested working on my shields.  I got the sage bundle a-burning (smokier than I’d ever seen it) and cleansed the place.  Within an hour, my energy was back.

Today was fairly uneventful… my Panthers lost a game they should have won, but aren’t out of it yet.  I read some to Frankie on the phone, might go back and do a little more later tonight.  Some phone calls.  Everything is back to “normal”, sort of.  I have an appointment with Phil tomorrow.

Guess that’s it.


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