My friend, Pam, is going away for a while.  The time frame is indeterminate, and the reasons are her own to tell or not.  But she has been a part of my support for some time, and will be missed.

I attempted to get my move to the new building completed today, in terms of paperwork, but was stymied at every turn.  The apartment itself would be great, the building is great, but the people who are managing it are doing it all wrong and it might even be a worse situation than I have with my current landlord.  At any rate, IF I am going to get an apartment in the building, I am going to have to start all over again on the application process.  This is because, despite the fact that there has been no available apartment or move-in date, there was a 90-day limit on my earlier application, a fact which had not been discussed in my hearing (or at all in writing) prior to Monday morning.  My housing coordinator, Teri, is supportive, and is willing to talk about other possible available apartments, but moving is not fun without transportation and this would have just been a move next door… she is not aware of any other low-income apartments downtown.  Probably better to stay put… but Mr. Parker has been getting worse and nosier, and has been doing less and less maintenance each year.  The physical status of my current apartment is approaching being below HUD standards.

I did get my latest article submitted for the December issue of e-zine.  It looks like a good article.  I am pleased with the quality of all my articles for them, and hope I can think of something to write about for the January issue.


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