OK.  It’s another of those days that comes once a year.  My birthday.  It’s hard to face alone, especially as I get older.  Still in good health, would love to have someone to share with… actually I have two friends I can share anything with except my life, apartment, body… all the insignificant stuff… taking applications, must not be in need of money.  I can take care of myself, but can’t afford you.  Them’s the breaks.  Looking for a good man, I’m right here; looking for a good wardrobe, go find a football player or lawyer to take care of you.

Depressed as usual.  Sorry.  Things are going well, just not where I most want them to.



Your heart is the temple where God should be enshrined. Your good thoughts are the flowers, your good words the hymns, your good deeds the rituals. And love is the offering.
– Mata Amritanandamayi Ma

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  1. DubhSidh

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!


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