Had a wonderful weekend with SerpentStone Family.. the Yule Gathering was a little early this year, but it usually is…  Got more contact with all the wonderful loving people who are still part of SerpentStone.  I myself was cycling between feeling really a solid part of the Family and having major insecurity problems, but that was all between my ears and is a continuation of the problems I’ve been having.

I’m waiting for the new issue of PaganPages.org to come out… hope y’all read my article this month (for that matter, go back in the archives and read my past articles, I’ve been included since the May issue).

My Panthers lost today.  It was a sad game, they couldn’t get a running game together and Chris Weinke (long my favorite QB on the team but never gets a chance) threw for nearly 450 yards… but 3 interceptions and 0-for-2 on 4th down.

Guess I’d better run.  My phone’s ringing again.


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