Open Mic

played at last night’s (Thursday) Open Mic at the Courtyard Gallery. 
I’d like to be doing this more often, but whatever.  I played a nice
set of 3 songs… can’t wait to hear the podcast to see which one got
selected (last time I played he included my whole set).

The Courtyard Gallery’s TrueHome Open
Mic Night is held every Thursday night from 9 to midnight.  The entire
night is digitally recorded, and Carlos (the gallery owner) edits it
down to somewhere around an hour and posts it at his website – – as a free podcast download.  The
results of a Thursday night performance are posted the following
Monday.  Last week’s podcast was downloaded by over 11,000 people…
the room only holds around 50.  Now if I could just find a program that
cuts a large audio file into sections… that is free…

songs I performed were “Hasten Down the Wind” by Warren Zevon, “Cows
With Guns” by The Arrogant Worms, and “First Christmas” by Stan
Rogers.  At least one will be included in the podcast.


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