OK, I’ve been neglecting y’all again.  Been busy, and had friends feeding me a lot more then I need to be eating.  They use the excuse of the season… well, spending it in the hospital is not my idea of a happy holiday season.  My blood pressure is 40 points high, and the only way I’m going to lower it is to LOSE WEIGHT.  At least 25-30 pounds.  I appreciate the attention and love and companionship, but, COME ON PEOPLE.

My neighbor across the hall has been trying to hook me up with her friends.  It’s not going to happen.  I won’t be with someone I can’t talk to, I don’t care how sweet she is.  Some of y’all though Kayla was dumb, well, she’s NOT.  I could talk to her about anything.  (Shame she couldn’t do the same for me… but ah well.)  The people Myra has been trying to fix me up with, well, I’ve had better conversations with rocks and trees… that’s not meant as an insult, although I know it can be taken as one.  They’re good people.  But I don’t need someone who needs me controlling their life because they don’t know any better and don’t want to learn.  I need a friend and partner. 

Anyhow, having a fun time, getting everything I want except lower credit card bills… need to get off my ass and get a job so I can reduce those… Mom and Dad have been very helpful, just am trying to not need any help and failing.

Guess I should stop ranting now.

Aum namaha Shivaye!


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  1. mtn_skyz_wnc

    In regards to your statement about your friends feeding you: Speaking as a previously ‘big girl,’ the only person who is in charge of what you eat is you.
    I am not trying to be mean or to cause any form of unpleasantness {read my yahoo blog}, but to point out a truth.
    Friends dont let friends put their head in the sand.  {smile}
    Respectfully yours,

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for What you said that was very nice about saying im smart. I been keeping you in my thoughts.


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