Yearly Archive: 2006

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and spent it with my friend Myra across the hall.  Other friends were there, John, Rhonda, Cindy, Randy, and one or two others.  Myra says Rhonda talks about me all the time… I don’t know why, I’m definitely nothing she ever signed up for… strikes me as the Baptist type…  but of course I’m always willing to talk to someone if they can accept me for myself, and do not require anyone to change for me.

Had a couple of messages wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you all had one as well.

I know that this season is hard on many people diagnosed with mental illness.  The darkness outside, the coldness, the joy around us when we feel cut off from it, are all hard to deal with.  I will do my best.

I still need to find a subject for my next article… the deadline is tomorrow, although she will likely extend it.


The Panthers won today, and so did I.  While the game was still 0-0, Kayla offered to bet me on the game.  I said she didn’t have anything I wanted that she could give me…  no way were the Panthers going to lose to St. Louis…  she should have learned better while she was here.

We agreed to bet … 3-0 Panthers … I offered a Betty Boop bobblehead if I lost, she could get me a new hippo if she lost.  I then went to eBay and scoped out Betty Boop Bobbleheads, and found one I could sort of afford (two actually, same price, willing to make it her choice)… also checked on hippos, and there was a cutie there for $0.99 plus shipping.  By the time we settled on that (I thought), it was 10-0 Panthers.  When it was 12-0, I told her she’d better be ready to go bid on the hippo…. she said, yeah, like I have any money.  So why was she betting???  Final score Panthers 15, Rams 0.  First time the Rams have been shut out since 1998.  (Took a lot of searching… October 18, 1998 at Miami.)  [Update: today is March 31, 2008, and she still has not paid up.]

Had a couple phone calls.  Rhonda still misses me… J apologized… Witches’ Meetup at Charlotte Street Pub and Grill…


I’ve been spending the past few days getting to know my neighbor across the hall, Myra.  We watch football, Monk, Law&Order, etc. together on her TV (mine’s larger but she has cable), and she has planned Thanksgiving Dinner for half the people in the apartment building and some other friends of hers.  Terrific lady, and she’s only interested in me as a friend (she has a 20-year relationship with a guy who lives down in Clemson, SC).

Today was a bit of a bummer, but nothing compared to what I’ve been going through.  Worst thing that happened is that ever college football team I was rooting for lost.  I can live through that.  Especially since I don’t bet… LOL.

I also got to see Frankie for a few minutes, and gave her the rest of the stuff she had stored here.  I didn’t get to go to lunch with her, since Myra had just left me in charge of her apartment as she went to the store for something.  It was OK though, and awfully good to see her.  I’m still reading to her… an 11-book series, and we’re on something like Chapter 22 of the second book.  I haven’t seen her for at least a month, and haven’t seen much of her for almost 6 months, due to her health problems.

I talked to my Mom on the phone for about 45 minutes, then called Frankie and talked to her, then read a couple chapters.

One of my friends says she keeps calling me because “you have the sexiest voice in the world.”  Frankie confirms that she used to think that, too, but has gotten past that…. now it’s just the most comforting voice in the world.  My reading to her both is nice for what we’re doing together and what we’re reading but also to help her get to sleep.

Guess that’s about it for now.  I might find something to do tomorrow other than watching the Panthers game.


The Polyphonic Spree ROCKS!

I just received a used copy of “Together We’re Heavy” by The Polyphonic Spree.  In addition to a wonderful disk, there is also included a complete DVD disk including live performances and videos as well as an interview with band founder Tim DeLaughter.

I have NEVER seen so much unrestrained, uncompromising JOY onstage in my life!  You just can’t help but be caught up in the optimism, joy, spirit, etc., of this band.  Most of those who know me know that I rarely recommend anything unless it is beyond great… THIS ONE IS IT!


I received the following letter from my kidney doctor (nephrologist) today:

“…I have received a copy of your labs drawn on November 7.  These showed your serum creatinine to be 2.1.  This is in the same general range that we have observed over the last six years of so.  This corresponds with kidney function that is approximately 35-40% of normal. …”

Funniest thing.  This doctor’s former partner, Dr. Ling (since killed by the angry parent of another patient), told me that my serum creatinine was 2.8, or about 20-25% of normal, and that it would never recover from that level.  His job, he said, was to monitor my kidney function to make sure it did not deteriorate further, and that I was on the edge of requiring dialysis.  I remember levels of 2.6-2.8 regularly, might even have had a 2.9 or 3.1.  (Values are in mg/dL)

So now that I have a 2.1, it is not a significant decline?  35-40% is not better than 20-25%?  The fact that I am having none of the signs of kidney disease means nothing:?

Go figure.  Doctors just can’t allow themselves to be wrong.  I did take it upon myself to write the good doctor a letter outlining the differences between his statements and his predecessor’s.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing for the improvement, it involves taking an extract of stinging nettle seed.  The label instructions say to take 30-40 drops 4 times daily (in water), but due to my poor financial situation I’ve been taking 20 drops 3 times daily.  If I could get access to a field of stinging nettle (I know people with them all over their property, just don’t have a vehicle to get there), I could make it cheaply.  Buying it online is not cheap, about $42 for 120 ml.


Your Deadly Sins
Sloth: 80%
Pride: 40%
Envy: 20%
Gluttony: 20%
Lust: 20%
Greed: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance You’ll Go to Hell: 26%
You will get bugs, because you’re too lazy to shoo them off. And then you’ll die.

I guess there was no way to pass this test, but I did better than some…  rather go to Hell for what I didn’t do than what I did do… however, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS HELL.  Hate to burst your bubble…


Revoluticon was a bust.  Not very many people showed up on Saturday and even fewer on Sunday.  I stayed in the hotel room, which I paid for to help support the con, until I found that I couldn’t get any food there Sunday night without ordering a pizza.  So I came on home.  It was nice to have cable TV available… but I kept falling asleep, so it didn’t do me any good.  I was hoping to raise between $100-400 for Asheville Homeless Network, but, due to there being very few bidders on the donated items, I’ll be lucky to wind up making $60.  I am embarassed but not depressed.


Enough people showed up for the AHN meeting that we went ahead with the plan.  Since Ice herself did not show up, we could not ask her to resign… so it was moved to declare the by-elections invalid which elected Ice and Valerie (nothing against Valerie), as it had not been properly announced according to the By-Laws of the organization.  Carol continues to be Secretary, I go back to being President, and an election is scheduled for the second meeting in December to fill the vacant Vice President and Treasurer positions.  I don’t know if this makes for a successful revolution or a successful counter-revolution, but, other than the fact that Ice now has more ammunition to defame AHN (which she has been doing a good job of anyhow) and can claim to be President all she wants, it was successful.

One trauma down the tube.  Now to face the weekend.  We have most of our ducks in a row, as much as 3 people can for running a convention for an entire weekend. 


I’m doing all right at this point… not perfect but…

I have a showdown on Thursday.  I think I’m adequately prepared for it.

Saturday and Sunday are Revoluticon, Asheville’s third annual Science Fiction and Fantasy and Gaming convention.  The Convention Committee (ConCom) has dwindled to three members, and the con chair, John R, has not shown up at the last two meetings.  Alex and I have cobbled together something of a contingency plan should he not show up for the convention, and I need to print some stuff out to meet that contingency.  I will also be performing a concert there, and leading the open filking in my room; I also get to spend two night in a hotel room instead of with all my stuff in my apartment.

The Griffin Apartments should be ready to move into by the end of the month.  I doubt if I will have time to move, and can’t pay rent at both places, but the move should go quickly and several friends have offered to help.  It will be nice to have a private mailbox, an elevator, and a 2-bedroom apartment… if I get that…  Today’s meeting of the Asheville-Buncombe Coalition of the Homeless was a good one, and we got a lot of things covered.  Mountain Housing Opportunities said that they are not allowed to apply for more funding for a new building until they fill The Griffin.  Hope it happens soon.  I also had a good talk with Steve Riddle, who is Asheville Police Department’s Homeless Liaison.

Anyhow, more later, I will try to hold off my major panic attack until after the con…