Monthly Archive: February 2007

Nothing new to report.  I’m home, I’m happy, my services appear to be in demand (however slightly).  We just got the shipment of socks which we (Asheville Homeless Network) will be distributing to area homeless over the next few weeks or however long it takes to get them out there.  Next step is to label them, so the people getting them know where they came from.

I got some more cabinets for the apartment.  One of them went together smoothly.  The other, which goes in the bathroom, did not state anywhere on the packaging that it needed a drill  and screws not supplied (to mount it to the wall).  It also stated in one step to put the wood dowels into the pieces listed (two of which pieces did not exist, in reality or elsewhere on the assembly instructions), well after which it told me to make sure that I had moistened the dowels first to activate the glue.  My friend Alan will come over Thursday and help me with that.  I will not purchase that brand again.

Having a grand time getting ready for November’s RevolutiCon IV, Asheville’s annual Science Fiction and Gaming convention.  Go to for details, or see the RevolutiCon MySpace page.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, there is a new PaganPages out and my article is included (  I should get cracking on next month’s article, which is already halfway completed but I keep forgetting to get back to it.


Dream Journal

Feb 15 2007 (Before Midnight)

World: I had run all over town today and got thoroughly exhausted, so I
went to bed pretty early, hence the early dream.  It was frustrating,
as you see, and at the end my girlfriend woke me asking if I was all
right, I was talking in my sleep.)  This was similar to my “filk
convention” dreams.  I had a congresswoman who had heard I was a
filker, and tried to get other area filkers (I didn’t know there were
any) who had gone to other colleges out of the area to talk me into
going back to school at one of those (like, Connecticut, brrrrr). I
made it clear that I didn’t want to leave Asheville, but would be
willing to go to UNC-A.  Along the way I got talked into playing some
of my St. Iggy (my old friend M…, who is a real person except in his own mind) collection.  Every time I found a lyric sheet
and got it settled in front of me, something happened (the guitar
needed tuning or whatever) and, when I was ready to go, the lyric sheet
had disappeared.  I found it, started in, something else happened, the
lyric sheet disappeared.  This went on until my girlfriend woke me up,
as stated.  Throughout this whole dream, the scenery was vertical, like
I was climbing down (or up) a giant latticework.  I got introduced to a
whole lot of people I had heard of but hadn’t met (since I can’t
remember their names now, I don’t know if they were real people or
not).  A lot of this dream comes from the fact that I was too fatigued
to go to Open Mic Night tonight, knowing it was Jarrett’s (MC) birthday
party, must have felt really guilty or bad about missing it.  (See my
Friends list at MySpace, Jarrett Leone.  Happy Birthday, Jarrett!)


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I’m having a great deay with my sweetie in our new apartment.  It has turned cold again, with blowing snow (but not enough for anything other than saying, “Hey, it’s snowing!”).  I have a Meetup tonight downtown.

Just wanted to remind you that my article is up at, “Door to the Beyond: Paganism and Mental Health”.  Also my performance last Thursday at the Open Mic Night at Courtyard Gallery is posted as a free Podcast at Asheville Courtyard Gallery.  (The podcast is an edited version of the whole night, should be at least one or two of the 4 songs I sang, and listen for my friend Frank Parker right after me, he drove up from Columbia SC just to play and meet me.)

If you want to hear some absolutely breathtakingly beautiful music, go to MySpace and look for the Heartstrings7 and Heartstrings77 sites and listen to their stuff.  These two guys are terrific, and are only in their early 20s.  They both play an instrument I’d never heard of, called the Chapman Stick.  As far as I know, they are the first people to apply this instrument to classical music (which I usually don’t care that much for, so that should tell you how much I love these guys’ music).  They have promised to have a CD out in March, and I’m first on the list to get it.

Have a beautiful day, and remember that all Life comes from Love.

Me is online!

Just wanted you to know that is up again, and the February issue (the recovered December issue) is up.  My monthly article for PaganPages is titled “Door to the Beyond: Paganism and Mental Health”.  The crash gave me a chance to catch up on my life, and I’m halfway done with the next article already.

Please read it and comment.  Archives are available on-site, or you can write me for my previous articles.


We’re home, we’re by ourselves, and everything is beyond wonderful.  I’ve said these words before, with other women.  I’m not going to bother telling y’all how this is different… but in the past I would not have even looked at this woman.  Hell, I barely looked at her this time… it is only because she kept looking at me that we’re together.

We have most of the apartment put away.  The hippos are still in their box, and my room is a mess, but everything else looks fine.  I’m getting a new file cabinet Friday and can get things filed away and put into some semblance of order.  Since my room includes my altar, two bookcases, my computer desk, files, and everything else that doesn’t belong in Rhonda’s room, the living room, or the kitchen, that’s a lot of crap to pile into one room.

I’ve said I was happy before.  I don’t believe I’ve ever been this comfortable.  I’ll shut up since I’m probably repeating myself and it doesn’t matter to anyone but us anyhow.