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A Day In The Life

This was a good day.  As usual, I got up reasonably late (noon).  I checked my email, and answered an important one for Asheville Homeless Network (AHN).  A little after 1, Alan (Ditmore, AHN VP) came by to pick me up.  We got the last of our socks, about 16-18 dozen pairs, and took them to A-HOPE for distributing to the area homeless. 

We then went to our weekly AHN meeting.  Topics included the fact that the local Congregational Church has approved our application for a grant.  They’ve unexpectedly run into financial trouble, and until they can figure out what to do about it, we will only get $100 of the usual $250.  And the grant will presumably be ongoing.  I sent them a letter thanking them (and notifying them of our new address).  We reviewed the Asheville Homelessness Tour which I had participated in, and talked about an offer of blankets by a member and the upcoming Asheville-Buncombe Coalition for the Homeless meeting next Tuesday, and the Housing Workgroup meeting (through the city’s Homeless Initiative).

I then went to the post office to mail the letter, and found another $100 donation waiting in our PO Box.  Alan picked me up at the post office, and we went to the bank to deposit it.  We then drove to Amazing Savings, an area warehouse-type store specializing in health food.

Have to take a break here to explain.  Last Spring and Summer, we had placed collection jars at various stores.  The ones at Amazing Savings were really doing well.  Amy and Chrystal were collecting the take and delivering it to me.  When Amy resigned from AHN (working too hard on too many things), nobody went back to check on the jars.  Today Alan and I did.  We were told that the person who would know where our jar(s) was(were) would be in on Monday, and we should come back then.

Alan and I both did a little shopping while we were there.  Alan then drove me home, and spent a while hanging out with me.  While he was here, we finally diagnosed and cleared the clog in my vacuum cleaner.  It wasn’t easy, and I couldn’t have done it without him.  He’s saved my bacon a few times, including repairing my scooter twice.  But we got it done.

I also got a phone call from my new case manager at WNCCHS.  They will pick me up and transport me to an intake meeting next Wednesday.  I’ve been without a case manager since New Vistas went the way of all things last Summer.

After Alan left and a few phone calls later, I decided to go outside on my own, with the aforementioned scooter.  I found a nice back way to get to River Ridge, and went to Burger King for a Big Fish and a Grilled Chicken sandwiches.  I then went to Wal*Mart (Always Corporate Greed.  Always.) and bought a chain so I could lock my scooter.  I went home and found a nice, almost hidden place right outside my kitchen window to park my scooter — sure beats carrying it into the apartment and keeping it in my second bedroom.  (You really don’t know what I mean by a “scooter” unless you look it up.  Do a Google Search for “XG-550”.)

About 10 I took a brief nap, and about 11:25 I called Frankie and read several chapters to her (we’re reading the Garrett series by Glen Cook, are almost done with the 9th book of 11).  Then I came in here to write this and check on my email.

Like I said, a nice day.


Lots of stuff going on.  My favorite cousin, Linda, went in Thursday for surgery on her never-healing leg that she broke in a bad accident several years ago.  My best friend, Frankie, is in the hospital for dehydration from days of vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to her otherwise fragile health.  My good friend and fellow Bard, Amergyn, died after a battle with kidney cell cancer.  I really had several good things happen yesterday too, just not in the same league as that stuff.

My rent is going up.  $270, and I may have to kick something in on utilities.  That doesn’t sound like much if you make more than I do ($750/month on Disability) and have fewer debts, but it hurts.

I saw Rhonda’s new apartment the other day.  Glad I’m out.  It is only cosmetically better than before, and I don’t like most of the “improvements”.  But it is more than adequate for her needs, and I’m happy she has somewhere to live.


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Rhonda moved into her new apartment today.  Actually, she moved into my old apartment today.  The landlord has fixed it up a lot more nicely than it was (after dragging his feet for over 7 years when I asked for repairs or upgrades).  It will be quite large for her, and I hope she’s happy there.  She and my former neighbor John will be over tomorrow to move “some” (I hope all) of her stuff to the new place.  I have packed everything up that was hers in the living room, kitchen, and, today, bathroom.  I’m not going to pack the bedroom.  But as soon as her stuff gets out of here, I will be able to finish getting set up; the “extra” closet will help immeasurably.  We’re still talking in a friendly manner.

My blood pressure is so controlled I could hardly get up today.  My diastolic this morning was 63.  I suppose that’s better than 123.  I’ll let things settle out a bit, and I see the doctor or nurse on Friday for tests and such.  I walked to Walmart yesterday, and was so exhausted when I got home that I collapsed into my chair and went to bed early, then could hardly get up today.  And I see my therapist on Wednesday.  Don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine besides the exhaustion.


Rhonda’s “overnight” Girls’ Night Out is still ongoing.  She has not been home in 5 days, and is not likely to.  This represents a rather peaceful passing of a relationship that was excellent for a lot longer than I would have believed but was clearly not going to last.  Rhonda has no sense of handling money, and likes buying pretty things.  She has a history of buying pretty things on credit by mail (Swiss Colony, Figis, etc.) and not paying for them, a fact which I just learned yesterday when her credit report came in the mail.  I hope we can complete this separation without any anger.  So far, so good.  Myra brought us together because she already knew she could control Rhonda and thought she could control me through Rhonda.  Not going to happen.  Ah well, the good news is I have a nice apartment I could not have gotten into without Rhonda and some nice furniture for it.


Everything’s back to normal.  Beth didn’t call for our Recovery meeting, but that’s ok.  I only got 4 hours’ sleep last night, some of that on the couch or in my chair, so I was a bit out of sorts for the Asheville-Buncombe Coalition for the Homeless meeting and the following Homeless Initiative Housing Workgroup meeting.  But I got through it.  When I got home (with some Subways for me and my sweetie), we had a good time talking and eating, and then she went off to Myra’s for an overnight Girls’ Night Out.  I got about a 2 hour nap, and talked with Frankie.  Been catching up on a few things.  My room is still a mess, but it’s about 20% less of one than it was a few days ago.  I hope I can sleep tonight… “alone” is not my favorite way to sleep.  My housing coordinator is aware of the issues and has offered some good ideas.  And AHN gave away a few dozen pair of socks at the ABCH meting.

Rambling, rambling, rambling… let’s get some sleep.


Monthly Soul Lesson

Colleen-Joy Page – Soul Lessons
Mr and Mrs Fixit – How to make a real difference.

I thought I’d send you an extra bonus length lesson this month, because its such an important topic.

Are you a Fixit? In other words, are you someone who tries to help
others or wants to make a difference but then feels the frustration of
just how big a job you always seem to have? This more challenging soul
lesson, will explore these two important questions…

Ask yourself:

1. Why do you want to help?

2. How can you make a real difference?

I do hope that this lesson gives you insight and a fuller
understanding, so that you can make the difference your heart calls you
to make without losing your self to being a “fixit”.

Mr and Mrs Fixit – How to make a real difference.
by Colleen-Joy Page
Mr and Mrs Fixit – How to make a real difference.
·         You see someone in pain and you want to help them.
·         You look at the world and are moved by sadness to try to fix what you see.
·         “If only they would listen to me, I have the solutions, I
know what they should do to heal, to be happy” are the thoughts that
run through your mind and tug at your heart.
·         “I want my life to have meaning and purpose, I want to make a
difference and not die before I’ve done something of significance in
the world” you hear your inner plea.
These are the inner callings of many of us. Many who are drawn to
metaphysics and spirituality are drawn out of these inner promptings.
Let’s look deeply at “trying to help”, “trying to fix” and exactly what
it takes to make a real difference in the lives of others.
Picture this. You are in an audience listening to a teacher. The
teacher then finds the shyest person in the group. She tells the shy
person to come and stand in front. She instructs everyone including the
shy person to say nothing, but to be in silence and just to look at
each other. The teacher then steps aside and you are left to look at
the pain of the shy person who is visibly shrinking before your eyes.
Imagine this situation and identify how you would feel. Then answer
·         How do you feel towards the shy person up front?
·         How do you feel about the teacher?
·         Do you feel angry?
·         What do you want to do right now?
·         What do you want to change?
·         Who do you feel sorry for?
·         Do you feel discomfort or pain in your body?
·         Can you easily look at the shy person?
·         Can you look at the shy person in the eyes?
·         Do you wish you could help?
·         Do you want to fix this if you could?
The truth

Let’s get deep into the truth so that it frees us to make the difference we want to make.
This example is like life. We see pain, we see suffering and it hurts.
We respond and our response ironically often prevents us from actually
making a real difference. In this example, you most likely felt the
pain and suffering of the shy person. It’s not nice feeling other
people’s pain, because it’s not nice feeling pain full stop! The truth
is that we are all so connected to each other that we literally can and
do feel other people’s pain. Like tuning in to their “radio station”,
we hear their sad music in our own bodies. We shrink back at first, we
don’t want to feel it, but when it’s in our face, we don’t know how to
stop the pain. Our bodies try to find a solution because we want the
pain to go away.
The 3 fear “go away” solutions

There are 3 fear-based “make it go-away” solutions and 1 soul-based solution.
Solution 1: We can try getting numb, switching off our feelings!
Solution 2: We can redirect our emotional attention as anger towards the perceived “perpetrator”
Solution 3: We can try to fix the source of the pain by trying to “help”.
How often have you felt these things? And in the long term, do any of
them really work, do any of these solutions make a real difference,
when coming from this fear or discomfort with pain? No. Because any
action born of fear or by trying to evict/kill/eliminate something
doesn’t create permanent change.
Before we look at the 4th solution that is not based in fear or a
“go-away” response, let’s get digging into the truth again, so that we
have true awareness about what we do and why we do what we do.
There is no shame in trying to help. Don’t feel bad for being someone
who tries to help. We are all doing the best we can with the tools
we’ve got. But lets get honest and clear, so that have a better shot at
actually doing what we say we are doing – which is making a difference!
On the surface helping feels noble, it looks like we are being “good”
people, caring people. But let’s go deeper than the surface. Let’s use
our example again. When the shy person placed in front of us
(representing anyone in our lives that we perceive as suffering) – we
felt their pain. This reveals that the deeper than surface truth about
what often drives our desire to help is – we want the PAIN TO GO AWAY,
and so we want to fix them to fix us. Don’t let your ego blindfold this
one. Much of the desire to help others has its roots in wanting to not
feel the pain of others.

Now does it really work to help from this inner motivation? When the
shy person feels an entire audience of people’s bodies shouting at them
energetically that they don’t want to feel her pain and that they want
it to go away, how do you think she feels? Is she being supported and
held? Or is she being judged and feared? Even if some in the audience
are trying to be nice, smiling and trying to soften the harshness of
the experience for her – her body will feel the truth. Her body will
hear – “go away!” So now, she will not only feel the pain of her
shyness, she will now have the added intuitive knowing that she is
making many others suffer too. She will feel the “go away” feeling
under the surface of sympathy, under the guise of others wanting to
help her. She will feel the discomfort of the audience compounding the
discomfort caused by her inadequacy. So is the audience actually
helping? Even if someone defended her and verbally started telling off
the teacher – what is the message she is getting, is it helping her to
grow, to be more, and to heal. Even if someone in the audience managed
to communicate to the shy lady “I’ll help you, it’s ok” what is the
deeper truth here. Is it helping her or is it helping the audience to
feel better, to feel less powerless, and to ease their discomfort and

When others try to fix you and you sense their deeper feelings of
discomfort of being with you, does it work? Do you find yourself
beautifully growing and healing? No. Likely you will sense the
judgement, sense that something about you is not being accepted and
loved, and this will prompt you to withdraw deeper into the pain and
isolation of your wounds.
The “fix it” approach – pluses and minuses
“I’m only trying to help you!” sounds loving and kind, but where does
it come from? If we are deeply honest, it comes from a place of
superiority, like a “plus” looking at a “minus” feeling like it must do
something to help.
Seeing another as a minus (as a less than, weaker or smaller than) only
reinforces their staying there. The plus person will also feel
irritation and anger if the minus person doesn’t “do what’s best”,
because then the plus then has to continue to feel the minus’ pain and
even carry the burden of the consequences of minus’ actions. Here both
loose. The plus takes on the responsibility for another’s happiness
losing freedom and joy – and the minus is robed of more power and is
further weakened.
Remember that sometimes this approach pretends to work, when the minus
changes to please the plus, but they will do it for approval and to
avoid the ill feelings they create by not being as the plus wants them
to be. Is this real? Is this making a real difference?
The “honour it as it is” approach – equal to
On the other hand, what is it like to be with someone that truly sees
you completely, pain, warts and all, and DOESN’T want to fix you? They
don’t shrink back from your pain; they accept you for where you are and
what you are. There is no agenda, no hope that you will change “for
your own good”, no deeper prompting on their part to “help you”, but
rather they see you as being equal to your own issues, to see you as
equal to your own life, to see you as a capable adult, as a powerful
soul. They don’t see you as smaller than your destiny or life
experiences. They honour your choices and honour you as you are,
without subtext. Ironically this may look like a “hands off”, powerless
approach, but think about which approach ultimately works to facilitate
true and lasting transformation to make a real difference. Ironically
when we are loved and accepted we free ourselves of our pain, we heal
and we become all that we were born to be!
If the audience watching the shy person held a different perspective in
their bodies and saw the shy person as “equal to” rather than “smaller
than” her situation, her body would have been feeling a very different
message from the group. Instead of feeling their discomfort and picking
up that they were seeing her as “smaller than”, communicating “go
away!” to her body. She would rather feel them saying “stay” you are
seen and accepted, we see you as equal to your experience. Guess what
would happen then? Instead of shrinking before your eyes, she would
grow, she would rise to the experience and you would be making a real
difference to her!
When helping is hurting

All aspects of the physical world exist in polarities, in opposites.
Light, dark, up down, in out, etc. When you engage in one polarity, you
automatically engage the other (even if you are unconscious to this).
The polarity for helping is hurting.

    * We help, in order not to hurt.
    * The desire to help is motivated by hurt.
    * When someone is hurting and you try to help, they may feel your
helping as hurt because they have the right to their pain and now you
burden them with judgement and with the intrinsic knowing that their
pain is hurting you. They may accept your help just to not hurt you
    * By rejecting someone’s help you risk hurting them, especially if
they have any emotional attachments to “helping you”, i.e. they will
feel hurt if you don’t change.

Helping and hurting are co-dependant. They can’t exist without each
other. If you believe one, you believe in the other. Don’t pretend that
you can help and not hurt.
Help needs something hurt in order for it to exist. Now strangely hurt
needs help to exist! They feed off each other. They fit. Like 2 jigsaw
pieces, the indent of hurt, calls for the projection of help to create
a fit.
Healers and therapists, all people who make a living from “helping”,
may find it enlightening and freeing, to be especially conscious and
aware of this dynamic. For one, doing your work from a place of trying
to help creates co-dependency with your clients. You make the client
responsible for your “success” and happiness. Because if they don’t get
“helped” and change you will feel like a failure and hurt. Does that
really foster the space needed for your clients to heal and be free?
Helpers carry the pain of failure

To be a helper is to carry the fear and pain of failure. When we are
attached to hoping that our “medicine” will work for others, we endure
countless losses and failures – our failure to make the changes we want
to see. By trying to change others, we are fighting with truth. And
therefore we will always be ineffective. Why? Because no one can heal
anyone or change anyone. Can anyone truly change you without your
permission and making the change happen? Only the self has the power to
heal the self. If we are honest, we may even feel resentment and
bitterness at others not taking our medicine, or not accepting our help.
Many talented and gifted people destroy their work and potential to make a real difference, because of their “helping” stance.
External focus, versus internal focus

When you are in “Help” mode, you are externally focussed. You are
looking at the focus of your help; you are focused on the other. In
that moment you become entangled in them. You become vulnerable to
their opinions, and attached emotionally to their success or failure.
You take their stuff personally and you carry their “stuff” with you.
The other person will feel this to. They may even feel the weight of
responsibility for your pain. Not only must they heal for themselves
not, they must heal to make you feel good. The circle of helping and
hurting, the co-dependency is now complete. They are trying to help you
now, to make you feel better; they feel guilty about hurting you while
you are being so nice by trying to help them. They either withdraw,
feeling the weight of disappointing you, or they try to change for you!
Changing for others is never authentic and ultimately leaves you
feeling a lack of wholeness.
Is this what you really wanted? Is this the end that you had in mind
for the person you were trying to help? So know we must ask ourselves,
are we really helping by trying to help?
When we are not comfortable with our own pain or with feelings of
powerless, we unconsciously engage in disempowering others by trying to
be responsible for their healing.
The truth, a soul-based solution that actually works
Do you have the courage to accept people for who they are? It takes far
more real work, real honesty, real healing to do this. In the moment
you feel acceptance, you will know love and freedom. Ironically it is
this place that frees us, heals us, and liberates us to long term
change. It is this place that makes the difference.
Wholeness is the healed and enlightened us. Wholeness is all of you
balanced, no part forced bigger or trying to be smaller out of fear and
pain. Wholeness is conscious and aware. Wholeness is the goal of all
soul growth and all healing. It is a still place of freedom, balance,
peace and wisdom.
If wholeness looks like a perfect circle then a lack of wholeness looks
like a jigsaw piece with holes. Our souls are whole. When in a human
form we react to pain and fear and distort who we are to fit in and to
hide parts of ourselves to avoid pain. Be gentle with yourself, the
healing of the jigsaw is not a “fix it job” either!
You don’t need fixing, you need freeing.
You are already whole, your natural state of being is whole. It takes
great effort and pain to be a jigsaw, to hold parts of yourself back
and exaggerate other parts. Remember therefore that other people’s
jigsaws don’t need fixing either, and the moment you engage in fixing
their jigsaw from a place of pain or discomfort at their holes, you
reveal your holes and take on a jigsaw shape yourself. Then neither of
you are in wholeness! Remember that the other’s true form is also
whole. If they forget the best way to remind them is to BE whole
yourself and stay whole while engaging with them. Not easy to do, but
doable and at least it works!
If you think that you are whole but emotionally “need” in any way for
another to change, you are deceiving yourself. Only holes need and have
emotional attachments to any outcomes. An emotional attachment and need
feels disappointment, irritation or judgement about something not
changing. Judgement is seeing something as “better” or “lesser”, “good”
or “bad. You are coming from a jigsaw place, not a whole place. It may
seem strange, but a jigsaw really doesn’t help. A jigsaw perpetuates
pain, need and holes. Even when it’s “helping”, and “giving” and
looking kind, this jigsaw is actually trying to heal itself by getting
entangled in other jigsaws – which doesn’t work.
When you help from your ‘wholeness’, you won’t give and help like a
jigsaw does. Jigsaw helping, reinforces holes and prevent wholeness
instead of creating it. Can 2 jigsaws locked into each other’s fit
create wholeness for each other? – No.
Own that it is impossible for anyone to make another whole. And the
moment you try to, you always lose your wholeness by becoming a jigsaw
yourself. A jigsaw that will actually keep them in their jigsaw place
of need and holes and not really make a difference.
But how does a whole, perfect circle make a difference then? How can we
all make a difference in the world? Surely we don’t just sit by smugly
and watch others suffer by doing nothing?
You can make a difference; in fact you can make a huge difference. It’s just in a way that may surprise you.
Doing what actually works

We’ve all being doing the best we could with the tools we’ve had and
yet the world still looks the same and pain and suffering are
everywhere. Let’s be aware enough to know what really works and what
doesn’t. We can stop putting energy into what doesn’t work and what
creates more pain, and put energy into what actually works and actually
A “whole circle” looks detached and uninvolved, even uncaring to others sometimes. But it makes more of a difference, it works!
How to make a real difference.

  1. Look after your wholeness. Work on your suppressed qualities and
exaggerated ones, not on others. Work on accepting the judged parts of
yourself and others.
  2. Take responsibility for your buttons, mirrors and pain.
  3. Be internally focussed (you focused) and not externally focussed (other focussed). Is it actually none of your business?
  4. Don’t distort your true self to please others – this is not wrong, it just hurts and you loose your self.
  5. By not becoming a jigsaw to help others. Pity, sympathy and
wanting to help from a place of “I give the medicine” creates
plus/minus relationships and not equal ones. Be the medicine, by being
true, whole and by radiating that from your accepting, loving presence.
  6. By not wanting others to feed your inner lacks and needs,
including the need for them to heal or become anything other than what
they are
  7. By staying whole, which is true, free and compassionately detached.
  8. By seeing the wholeness in others
  9. By loving yourself more than needing others to love you
10. Sometimes the most loving act is to say “no” and place boundaries
11. Sometimes the most loving act is to say “yes” and stay open hearted
12. By seeing others as equal to their cocoons, to their pain and struggle
13. By not shrinking back, by staying present with love and acceptance
14. By being a role model for what is possible
15. By DOING from a place of wholeness, which may still look like
giving from the outside but it has no attachment to outcomes, to
helping to avoid hurting, it accepts others choices and others truth.
16. Remember that if you try to avoid hurt by helping you create a
pendulum polarity swing that ultimately makes more hurt. Look hurt in
the eyes, be equal to it and accept it also.
17. Express your whole self with joy and love

Don’t be a jigsaw helping from the darkness of your holes.

Love yourself free, and you will be a light that reminds others of the light within themselves.
You make the most difference in the world by being the whole YOU –
without masks, without holes, without agenda. Ironically, selfishly
looking after you becomes the way to make a maximum difference to
From this awareness the thoughts that we started this article with change to…
You see someone in pain; you feel compassion and see them as equal to
their pain. You love them for their courage and support them by letting
them be in pain.
You look at the world and are in awe at the courage of the souls you
see, and are moved to free more of yourself from pain to peace.
“If only I would listen to me, I have the solutions for me, I know what
I should do to heal, to be happy” are the thoughts that run through
your mind finding pathways to free your heart.
“My life has meaning and purpose. I make a difference just by being
alive. I’ve done something of significance in the world by working to
be whole” you hear your inner truth fill you.
Final thought

An apple tree doesn’t help, it doesn’t try to fix others by “giving”
apples. Will an apple tree make apples even if they fall rotten to the
ground, unwanted and unused? Yes. The orchard is very grateful that the
apple tree is true enough to itself to express who it is unfettered. In
that way the apple tree makes the difference it was born to make.

An apple tree isn’t giving, it isn’t helping. It is being true to
itself. And by being true to itself it expresses who it is through all
that it does. It knows it is being true because it feels great joy at
making apples. It would feel empty trying to make oranges, even if
people were begging for oranges, saying “please help us we need
oranges”. By not focusing on externals, by being true to itself, it
makes the most difference.
Love yourself free and you will bring the gift of your presence to the world.
That is truly what makes all the difference.
Look out for your next lesson …
All my best,

Colleen-Joy Page

Founder, The Academy of Metaphysics
Tel: 27 11 708 0000 / 708 4942
Fax: 27 11 708 0962

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Swami Beyondananda’s
2007 State of the
Universe Address

Humanifest Destiny
From Survival of the Fittest

Thrival of the Fittingest

Note. This year, the Swami insisted on
delivering the State of the Universe Address on February 2nd, Ground Hog Day
because “it’s the closest anyone comes to seeing their shadow all year.” Said
the Swami, “Look at us. America is the most heavily armed country in the world,
and still we’re afraid of our own shadow. We seem stuck in a state of emergency,
so we must declare a state of ’emerge ‘n see’ instead. Like the ground hog, we
must emerge from our separate little holes and see we are all in this together.
And we must see our shadow — otherwise, we’re in for another long season of
darkness. We must laugh at the shadow as well. I call on everyone to shine the
light of laughter on the endarkened corridors of power, because there’s
definitely something funny going on. May we wake up laughing and leave laughter
in our wake.”

Another earth year has passed, and for what it is worth I
am happy to report that once again the universe is doing just great, thank you,
purring with perfection, ever-changing same as always. Light is still cruising
along at 186,000 miles per second, and the expanding universe shows no signs of
contracting. At this rate, it won’t be long before they’ll have to let the
photon belt out another notch.

Meanwhile back here on our own little
center of the universe, the human race seems to be racing against time. Those
Concerned Scientists have just moved the Doomsday clock up to five minutes till
midnight, and even some of the unconcerned scientists are getting concerned.
With all due respect to Wilson Pickett, if this midnight hour ever comes it
won’t be love that comes tumblin’ down. Well, maybe tough love.

The good
news is, the alarm is getting louder, making it more difficult to hit snooze.
The Chinese say crisis means opportunity, and opportunity sure seems to be
knocking. If it knocks any harder, it’s going to knock down the door. The polar
ice caps are melting — north and south — which means on top of everything else
this crazy world now officially has bipolar disorder. No wonder the penguins are
flocking to Hollywood. The polar bears are now on the Endangered Species List,
right up there with us. We humans do seem to have the Endangering Species List
pretty much to ourselves, though.

An Evolutionary

Fortunately, people are waking up and wising up. An
evolutionary upwising is gathering esteem all across America, and not a moment
too soon. Confidence in the powers that be in power hit Iraq bottom last year,
and once again — thanks to the Daily Show and Colbert Report — fake news was
the greatest source of truth. The
“we’re-going-to-heaven-and-everyone-else-can-go-to-hell” crowd continued to
expose itself — in more ways than one — and more and more Americans awoke to
the realization that the real abomination is to bomb a nation.

Riding on
the groundswell of this upwising, the unarmed forces won an important victory in
November. As predicted, the evolution was officially launched when the first big
shot was fired the day after election day. And the farce was with us as well.
The last two Republican Senators to concede defeat were Burns and Allen, and
more than a few corrupt Congressfolk were shown the door and told to “say
goodnight, disgracie.”

The President, meanwhile, stepped up his
counterintelligence program to the point where just about everything he does
runs counter to intelligence. But now it looks like even Republicans may be
ready to put the “decider” through the decider mill, no doubt afraid that with
two more years of this, the party of Lincoln and Ford might go the way of the

Something else happened this year. Thanks to Al Gore the media
finally warmed up to climate change, and global warming became a hot issue. As
soon as “Inconvenient Truth” hit the theaters, the Bush Administration
counterattacked with it’s own version of the story, “Convenient Lies.” And the
biggest cause of global warming? Global warmongering. We humans spend over a
trillion dollars a year on weapons of deadlihood when we could be weaving a web
of livelihood. No wonder the ‘hood is so deadly. And we’ve rationalized this
dysfunctional persistent “riches to rubble” war program as a “necessary evil”
without bothering to stand for peace as a “necessary good.”

Are We As
Smart As Our Cells?

Now if you used to hate it when your parents compared
you to someone else saying, “if so-and-so can do it, why not you?” you’re
probably not going to like what I’m about to tell you — but here goes. Our
cells may be smarter than we are. At least they’ve figured out how to live
together in peace and harmony. According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, we
have a thriving 50 trillion cell community under our skin where every
participating cell is cared for. Universal health care, full employment — truly
no cell left behind. And the cells that do the most important work for the body
as a whole, they get “paid” more. Our organs seem to get along too. You hardly
ever hear about the liver cruising up the bile canal, invading the pancreas, and
laying claim to the Islets of Langerhans.

Meanwhile back in the jungle,
we pursue manifest destiny and survival of the fittest as our supposed
biological imperative, except for one small detail. It doesn’t matter how fit
the individual is, if the species doesn’t fit — then out it goes into the
recycling pile. If you thought “The Man Without a Country” was a sad story, wait
until you see “Man Without a Planet.” I hate to say it, but global warming may
be nothing more than the Earth running a fever in the hopes of shaking a
virulent parasite called homo ignoranus.

Now don’t get me wrong. There’ve
been some really great people. Gandhi. Mother Teresa. Elvis. (That’s right,
Elvis. I’ve been following his threefold path for years: “Love me tender …
please surrender … return to sender.”) But anyway, there’ve been lots and lots
of lots of really wonderful individuals. Individually, you won’t meet a nicer
species. But put a bunch of us together, and we’re hell on wheels. Did you know
that over the 20th century, war caused 260 million deaths? Why if someone did
just one 260 millionth of that, it’d be all over the 6:00 news with details at
11. And if any one of us did what we allow “all of us” to do, we’d be put away
forever. I guess they must have modified the Ten Commandments while we weren’t
looking: “Thou shalt not kill, except in extremely large

Spontaneous Re-Missioning

I’ve said it before, but
maybe it bears repeating. It could very well be that the Ten Commandments are
just too much to bite off all at once. Maybe we should start with One
Suggestion: “We’re all in it together.” Each and every one of us is one with the
same One. The Universal Oneness. The universe has us surrounded, might as well
surrender. In the Creator’s book, we are all number one — and when we’re all
number one, there is never a need to treat anyone else like number

And perhaps instead of waiting for some Higher Power — or for that
matter, some hired power — to save us, maybe it’s time to embrace the world as
a fixer-upper instead of rejecting it as a tearer-downer. Maybe we’re all
working for Habitat for Humanity, and making our habitat fit for humanity — and
all other living things — is the ultimate do-it-yourself project. Let’s face
it. Our Mother Earth is suffering from a bad case of us, and a miraculous
healing is required. So, if we want a spontaneous remission, we humans must take
responsibility for a spontaneous re-missioning. We must change our mission from
manifest destiny and survival of the fittest to humanifest destiny and thrival
of the fittingest.

Here’s another suggestion. Maybe we
children of God manifest our destiny as humanity by finally becoming adults of
God, and realizing we are the Creator’s creation created to create. In other
words, we aren’t here to earn God’s love, we are here to spend

Creationism vs. evolution is a silly conversation, particularly when
both are true. I believe we were created to evolve, otherwise Jesus would have
said, “Now don’t do a thing till I return.” If we want to bring the Higher Power
to earth, we must do it through our own words, thoughts and actions. Supply-side
spirituality, I call it: Be more supplying and less demanding.

I have
often said that if you are dissatisfied with the current programming, turn off
your TV and tell a vision instead. So I will tell my vision for the new year and
new millennium. I see the upwising going worldwide as billions of people realize
that each of us is a cell in the body of humanity, totally unique just like
everyone else. Sure, the world is currently being run by a very, very small
elite of individuals, but look on the bright side — there are way, way more of
us than there are of them. Where the healthy cells thrive, sociopathogens can
never take hold of the body politic.

And what if each nation — like each
organ of the body — set out its own mission to give its special gift to the
world? It could be baklava, it could be bagpipes … anything that brings
harmony instead of harm. No more harmaments, and a farewell to harms! Imagine a
peacemaker implanted in the heart of every nation, and billions of individuals
signing on to a worldwide Humanifesto ratifying the One Suggestion. Of course,
the conditions might not change overnight, but the conditioning would. And if we
shift the conditioning, a shift in conditions will surely follow.

all the nations of the world thriving together — in a great thrivalry — and
manifesting our destiny as a humanity … to re-grow the Garden from the
grassroots up, and have a heaven of a time doing it.

Can it be done?
Well, consider the alternative. Are we going to just let our entire species
flunk third dimension? Where’s your species spirit anyway?

I know what
you’re thinking. The Swami is a hopeless optimystic, an overly-positive
yea-sayer. But that is only because I understand that our future is not our
past. Otherwise, why would we need a future? We could just all sit home and
watch reruns. Each moment, we discard billions of universes as we choose one
future over another. Beggar or billionaire, we’re all in the futures market. The
question for each of is, which future are we investing in? Here’s the good news:
There is a field of infinite possibility out there. And here’s the better news:
It’s not a battlefield, it’s a playing field. The game is Humanifest Destiny,
and we have om field advantage.

C’mon, omies. Let’s take the

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Today was the first day I did not feel totally safe at home with my honey.  The past few days have been a teeny bit rough, but today Rhonda yelled at me for the first time.  The patience she has exercised in the past, equated to that of a saint, disappeared.  After the argument, she apologized… but has been less than patient many times since.  She then did something which I felt was financially dangerous for her (we had discussed it many times, and she had agreed not to do it, but went ahead today).  It’s minor and I should forget it, but I know how precarious our finances are.  I told her that for the first time I felt less than safe here, and she said, “I thought you had forgiven me!”  Well, I did, but restoring balance is not as easy as forgiveness, and I was not able to explain that to her.

I should also note that it is near her time of the month, AND is a full moon, AND the moon was eclipsed today… so I should be less judgmental.  I’m not judging, or trying very hard not to, but I was hurt and cried a lot today and you just don’t get that feeling of being safe back that easily.