Monthly Archive: June 2007

Well, actually, a long weekend… Sapphire Spirit picked me up around 4:30 on Thursday afternoon, and we went to Splendor Hollow for SerpentStone Litha Gathering.  Had an absolutely stunningly wonderful time, but I still had to watch my energy levels and take more naps than I’d like… it also threw my daily schedule way out of whack.

Of course, I kept calling Frankie at least once a day… by a sheer miracle, the phone had enough charge in it to call her just before Closing Ritual.  This phone is not known for holding a charge for long… for that matter, the service is not known to have much in the way of coverage, but it worked…

Good news — I ate almost no meat over the weekend, lots of starch (which is OK on my diet), some salad… with all the walking I had to do and all the good vibes and love and all, I should have lost weight, but didn’t lose a single pound.  I also intentionally did not take my pipes with me, and so have not smoked since Wednesday.  Played a lot of music, did a lot of heralding, and perhaps for the first time (at least I can’t remember another) went to Opening, Main, and Closing Rituals at the same Gathering.

I also learned that one of my closest friends in my Family… well… up until a couple months ago, I thought I met her in 2001.  Then I remembered meeting her (and/or her partner, Lord Amergyn) in both 1996 and 1997.  Well, this weekend, we remembered that I knew her FORMER husband, and had met her in either 1992 or 1993 at Ohio Valley Filk Festival in Columbus, OH (aka OVFF).

I mentioned this to another of my good friends in our Family, and he stated that this kind of thing happens all over the place.  He has known some members of the Family for perhaps as much as 10 years longer than he has even considered himself Pagan (which is quite a long while, he is one of the most deeply knowledgeable people I know in the Craft).

Oh well.  Rambling too much again.  Will talk more later.


Sorry I have been gone so long.  I have two new clients for my website business, for a total of 3 websites.  I’m so overwhelmed that I just couldn’t wake up today, and should have spent the whole day (and yesterday) working. 

My excuse yesterday was that I took some of these ill-gotten gains and ordered DSL, so I can work faster, and had to take the check to the bank, discuss some issues with them, and then found my DSL setup package got here already… had a couple issues installing it. 

First, my computer did not have the driver software for my Ethernet port, and I didn’t have an extra USB port… so I had to find the driver.  Not easy to do… but eMachines LiveSupport gave me the model of the motherboard and I found that all the drivers were available on that site — if you used the right number. 

Got that installed… and my CD-RW stopped working.  I’ve been having that problem lately, and it seems to be caused by my P2P programs, which means (sigh) I’m going to have to give up stealing music.

So then my computer is working fine, and I go to install the DSL stuff.  Had to crawl around on the floor a few times, got everything set up… and it didn’t work.

After a call with a nice man in the Phillippines (hardly any accent at all), I discovered that it was the dreaded User Error… the DSL filter was plugged into the phone jack just fine, but I plugged the DSL line into the jack marked “Phone” instead of the one marked “DSL”.  Fixing that solved the problem.

But today, as stated, I ‘m exhausted.  I should be working.  Oh well, when I get back to working, a lot of things will go faster — uploads and downloads, checking the website to see how it worked, etc.

I’m starting to pack for the weekend, going to SerpentStone Litha Gather in Eastern TN.