Monthly Archive: October 2007

That’s a Duck! That’s a Duck, man!

Has anyone noticed how stupid the truck commercials are on TV lately?

Ford feels they have to sell their truck as “the Big Dog Daddy”. (Toby
Keith says so.)  What exactly does that mean?  It stops and humps every
Big Dog Mommy it drives by?

Meanwhile, Toyota has a older gentleman tossing the keys to “his son”
and saying, “Now, that’s a TRUCK, son.”  What did the kid think it was,
a giraffe???  (Remember Howard the Duck getting off the bus in his first movie?)

And Chevy has a bunch of guys driving in a new Suburban as if going to
a football game, with Howie Long (driving) saying, “This is going to be
the biggest event of the season!” …only to discover that he’s talking
about “Chevy Truck Month”.  Excuse me, when was a *month* considered to
be an “event”?

Speaking of football, my Panthers really could have won today.  Ignore
the final score and the fact that they were playing the Champion
Indiapolis Colts.  They took almost 12 minutes on the opening drive and
got a touchdown.  On the Colts’ first drive, the Panthers’ defense held
Indy to a 3-and-out.  Then on Indy’s punt, the Panthers’ return man
fumbled, giving Indy the ball on about the Panthers’ 40.  First
mistake.  But the defense held again, Indy only got one first down and
then had to settle for a field goal, Panthers leading 7-3.  First
Quarter over.  The Panthers then intercepted Manning and moved down the field, but Vinnie threw an interception just outside the end zone.  Soon after,
Testaverde was injured and pulled from the game.  Game over.  But
without the fumble and interception, it COULD have been 21-0 at that
point.  Indy did not look invinceable, just the Panthers beat


Catching up

I guess it has been over a week since my last posting.  I barely have time to read my email and respond… haven’t even looked at my own websites for updates in months…  and keep getting more requests to do more work on other websites.

My foot is healing slowly… had a little infection, but I’m dealing with it.  Asheville Homeless Network is going along well, it’s a lot of work and thought and takes up about 50% of my thinking time.

I have a new roommate, temporarily.  Danny is sleeping on the couch.  He’s currently homeless, just got out of the hospital, but he’s had a job for the better part of a year and it’s right downhill (about 3/4 mile) from where I live.  Looks like it will work out for as long as it has to, he’s not intending to stay here any longer than it takes to save up the money for an apartment (and AHN is willing to help).

Been talking to or emailing Marc quite often on the HomeYes Products stuff.  Can’t wait for him to get here (on the 1st).

My parents’ house is not at risk in the Southern California fires… they are nowhere near hills or trees, but still get a lot of the smoke and soot.

Hugs to all,

I woke up at 1:30 pm from the phone ringing…  Alan was supposed to have picked me up for the AHN meeting (at 2).  No call from Alan.  I called Paquita.  Her bf James had just got his car, and they could come get me.  I leaped in the shower, no time to luxuriate but I got the shower!  I then yanked my clothes on and ran to the kitchen to make my pills for the day.  When I was throwing my morning pills in my mouth (fish oil, magnesium, multi, BP meds, etc.), Paquita called back and said they were in my parking lot.

So I got to the meeting, only about 5 minutes late.  That’s ok, it couldn’t start without me and Paquita, Pres and VP, with Alan absent (Secty-Treas).

After the meeting, I plumb wore myself out.  We ran here and there taking care of various things, and eventually I got home about 6:30.  Fell asleep on the couch about 8, was woke up by Frankie calling at 11:30 as usual and couldn’t wake up enough fast enough to do our nightly reading.  Probably need to go back to bed.

Tomorrow I have to start calling supermarkets to get fax numbers and get this homeless greenhouse thing off the ground.


The Asheville Homeless Network / HomeYes Products press release should hit the media offices tomorrow… don’t know if anyone will release it or contact us about it.

My stitches came out today… a little bit of bleeding, but I get to take a SHOWER tomorrow… been 11 days…  I still have to wear the cam boot, but all the bandages are off.


I don’t want to give anything away too soon, but… Asheville Homeless Network is working closely with a major grower/supplier of vegetables to establish a new greenhouse in Asheville and have all (or nearly all, depending on response from the community) the workers being homeless people, with a nice donation to AHN.  We are also talking about starting a Foundation to receive this money, so we can funnel it where it would do the most good.  Would be nice to have homeless people themselves deciding what they want to have happen in the community, instead of the Federal Government or local service agencies.  The company is also talking about approaching other suppliers to carry their label on products, also resulting in donations to AHN.


As far as I can tell, the surgery went well.  I’m in more pain than I was before the surgery, but that is expected.  I’m actually in a lot less pain than expected.  The doctor tried to give me percoset for the pain, but I talked him into naproxen.  I can’t handle acetominophen in any form, and everything he wanted to give me contained it.

I should be signing up for the Boston Marathon next week… the 2026 Boston Marathon (*giggle).

If this thing heals like it ought to, and I’m in less pain in that foot than the other one, I will have the other foot repaired.  If not, I’ll live with it.  I see my podiatrist/surgeon on Wednesday to get the bandages changed.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me.


Well, I went today for my pre-surgical consult with my podiatrist, who will be performing the surgery.  They are doing my left foot.  And I will be spending the night Friday before going home by cab on Saturday.  If I had someone staying with me who could watch me and make sure I didn’t have various complications from the general anesthesia, I could go home, but such is not the case.

Probably won’t post again until after the surgery, when I am sure I will be in lots of pain and discomfort… but will be the beginning of the end of such.


Very odd day today.  I went to the Asheville-Buncombe Coalition for the Homeless meeting, and that went well.  I met with a police officer and my housing coordinator (on different issues) after the meeting.  I went to the Homeless Initiative’s Housing Workgroup meeting, and only three people showed up so we talked for a while and then went on about our business.  The whole day seemed to go downhill from here.  I went over the Myra’s to finish setting up her DSL line.  She was drunk and passed out on her bed, so nothing there.  I talked to my former landlord, Mr. Parker.  I went to the park to talk to people, and none of my better friends were there.  I went to the county courthouse to try to get my ticket dismissed… I got sent from one floor to another to another, and everyone kept telling me what they COULDN’T do, nobody told me what they could.  The people who could change my court date (due to my foot surgery, see below) couldn’t because their computers were down.  Only a DA could dismiss the ticket, and all of them were in court and could not be disturbed.  Just got passed from room to room, we can’t do this, we can’t do that.  I gave up and went to catch the bus.  I sat down at a clearly marked bus stop WITH A BENCH, and when the bus came, he waved at me to say that was no longer a bus stop, I had to go another block.  I hate arguing with drivers, I hate arguing altogether for that matter.

I tried to go to Big Lots to see what kind of things they had gotten in.  They would not let me in unless I left my backpack with them.  Of course, company regulations made it clear that they would not be responsible for it.  I told them that they obviously did not want my business.  A few other downers happened, like missing the next bus and walking the rest of the way home.

OK, that’s the second time in 3 days I’ve been turned away from a store for having my backpack.  I can see some of their issue, but not all of it.  This is still a free country, based on INDIVIDUAL freedoms, not corporate freedoms.  (OK, I’ve been smoking time-weed again… nobody still believes that, but I cling to it anyhow.) 

Let’s do the demographics.  OK, there are terrorists with explosives that are sometimes smuggled in backpacks.  There are teenagers who use backpacks to steal things (not to mention women with purses who do the same thing, but nobody has banned purses).  Let’s look at the demographics.  None of the above are 55 years old and white males.  How many middle-aged white males have been caught using a backpack either to steal or carry a bomb?  How many?  Now, what about Western North Carolina, still supposed to be in the Friendly South (at least for middle-aged white males).  How about asking a question or two… like, notice that I’m a member of the city’s Citizen’s Police Advisory Committee.

Stores are complaining bitterly about their sales drooping.  They should look at themselves for the answer to that.  They’re not using anything close to good sense in dealing with their potential customers.