As far as I can tell, the surgery went well.  I’m in more pain than I was before the surgery, but that is expected.  I’m actually in a lot less pain than expected.  The doctor tried to give me percoset for the pain, but I talked him into naproxen.  I can’t handle acetominophen in any form, and everything he wanted to give me contained it.

I should be signing up for the Boston Marathon next week… the 2026 Boston Marathon (*giggle).

If this thing heals like it ought to, and I’m in less pain in that foot than the other one, I will have the other foot repaired.  If not, I’ll live with it.  I see my podiatrist/surgeon on Wednesday to get the bandages changed.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me.


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  1. DubhSidh

    I hope you continue to improve! Sending healing thoughts your way!

  2. tracy

    Good Morning Moss, I hope you’re feeling well, and continue to improve daily.


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