I woke up at 1:30 pm from the phone ringing…  Alan was supposed to have picked me up for the AHN meeting (at 2).  No call from Alan.  I called Paquita.  Her bf James had just got his car, and they could come get me.  I leaped in the shower, no time to luxuriate but I got the shower!  I then yanked my clothes on and ran to the kitchen to make my pills for the day.  When I was throwing my morning pills in my mouth (fish oil, magnesium, multi, BP meds, etc.), Paquita called back and said they were in my parking lot.

So I got to the meeting, only about 5 minutes late.  That’s ok, it couldn’t start without me and Paquita, Pres and VP, with Alan absent (Secty-Treas).

After the meeting, I plumb wore myself out.  We ran here and there taking care of various things, and eventually I got home about 6:30.  Fell asleep on the couch about 8, was woke up by Frankie calling at 11:30 as usual and couldn’t wake up enough fast enough to do our nightly reading.  Probably need to go back to bed.

Tomorrow I have to start calling supermarkets to get fax numbers and get this homeless greenhouse thing off the ground.


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  1. tracy

    You were right about the IrFanView. I downloaded the plugins today. Now I just need time to start playing with it!

  2. tracy

    RYC: That’s because the women who are married for awhile are the only ones secure enough to say, I want nice, good looking, AND money! If we were single again whole different perspective.


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