Catching up

I guess it has been over a week since my last posting.  I barely have time to read my email and respond… haven’t even looked at my own websites for updates in months…  and keep getting more requests to do more work on other websites.

My foot is healing slowly… had a little infection, but I’m dealing with it.  Asheville Homeless Network is going along well, it’s a lot of work and thought and takes up about 50% of my thinking time.

I have a new roommate, temporarily.  Danny is sleeping on the couch.  He’s currently homeless, just got out of the hospital, but he’s had a job for the better part of a year and it’s right downhill (about 3/4 mile) from where I live.  Looks like it will work out for as long as it has to, he’s not intending to stay here any longer than it takes to save up the money for an apartment (and AHN is willing to help).

Been talking to or emailing Marc quite often on the HomeYes Products stuff.  Can’t wait for him to get here (on the 1st).

My parents’ house is not at risk in the Southern California fires… they are nowhere near hills or trees, but still get a lot of the smoke and soot.

Hugs to all,

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  1. Moonlit_Lass

    Thanks for the website, I’m open to anything and everything so I’ll check it out!
    I didn’t know your parents were in SoCal, whereabouts are they, we might be neighbors! 🙂

  2. xBitteR_SwT_FlameZx

    ….You are unbelievably optmistic…
    What emails? I havent been getting any emails… are u sure youre sending it to the right email??

    Update me on whats going on?

    Much love


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