That’s a Duck! That’s a Duck, man!

Has anyone noticed how stupid the truck commercials are on TV lately?

Ford feels they have to sell their truck as “the Big Dog Daddy”. (Toby
Keith says so.)  What exactly does that mean?  It stops and humps every
Big Dog Mommy it drives by?

Meanwhile, Toyota has a older gentleman tossing the keys to “his son”
and saying, “Now, that’s a TRUCK, son.”  What did the kid think it was,
a giraffe???  (Remember Howard the Duck getting off the bus in his first movie?)

And Chevy has a bunch of guys driving in a new Suburban as if going to
a football game, with Howie Long (driving) saying, “This is going to be
the biggest event of the season!” …only to discover that he’s talking
about “Chevy Truck Month”.  Excuse me, when was a *month* considered to
be an “event”?

Speaking of football, my Panthers really could have won today.  Ignore
the final score and the fact that they were playing the Champion
Indiapolis Colts.  They took almost 12 minutes on the opening drive and
got a touchdown.  On the Colts’ first drive, the Panthers’ defense held
Indy to a 3-and-out.  Then on Indy’s punt, the Panthers’ return man
fumbled, giving Indy the ball on about the Panthers’ 40.  First
mistake.  But the defense held again, Indy only got one first down and
then had to settle for a field goal, Panthers leading 7-3.  First
Quarter over.  The Panthers then intercepted Manning and moved down the field, but Vinnie threw an interception just outside the end zone.  Soon after,
Testaverde was injured and pulled from the game.  Game over.  But
without the fumble and interception, it COULD have been 21-0 at that
point.  Indy did not look invinceable, just the Panthers beat


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  1. Moonlit_Lass

    Well, the month of March is always an event for me!!  lol  That’s my birthday month and I celebrate the whole month long!!

  2. tracy

    It’s funny how peoples brains work differently isn’t it? I visualize everything. Read a book visualize the people and the landscapes and the situations. when I look at a painting, I visualize what’s just beyond the canvas. But I have no time memory. If you ask me when something happened I have trouble figuring out if it was six months or six years. Drives me crazy. I”m sure people think I’m an absolute idiot sometimes. Someone will ask me when a customer did some major changing event, and I just stare at them in stupidity!

  3. DubhSidh

    I totally agree that the truck commercials have just gone out the window. They are all trying to out-do each other. With the whole “Chevy truck month” thing, I think it is considered an event by Chevy dealers because they have all of their sales during the month of October each year making room for all of their incoming 2008 models.And yeah, I think the Panthers beat themselves too. They should have won. They had a few things going against them though. However, at the moment, they are still at the top of their division.


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