Lots of things have been happening the past couple of days. 

I have spoken a couple times with my mother, recuperating from a broken leg in a rehab facility…  also a couple times with my daughter and two grandkids, and bought them each something for Yule.  My last ex-wife and her mother are having much trouble, and are more able to talk to me than before.  If that leads somewhere, I will accept it, and reserve my comments until later.  I’ve mostly been able to rest this weekend, which is good because I haven’t been getting quite enough sleep for a while now.  I’ve had two significant dreams, one of which I got written down, the other of which was too horrible to write down and woke me in mid-sleep, so I grabbed my mala, chanted Om Gam Ganapatayei Namaha until I fell back to sleep, and remained asleep until the phone rang a bit early for me.

I know I often post my dreams.  This one (that I wrote down) was a bit too something for me to be comfortable posting, but I sent it to a few friends and got some good comments.

I’m beginning to calm down about being mmphty-mmph years old now, but my house is too full of people (one roommate and one guest) for me to fully relax.  But I’m doing much better than expected.

John came over tonight to do a load of laundry, and he took me to the newly-opened Ingles store afterward to pick up a few things to munch on.

Guess that’s about it.


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  1. LadyCelt357

    what’s that chant mean?(((hugs)))

  2. tracy

    That’s nice that you’re talking to your ex. It’s always good to be able to have good relationships, even if they’re not necessary relationships.It was a good weekend for resting, at least around here.


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