Doug has come home twice now, and pointedly did not read the letter.  After watching him sit for a half hour (after having promised to read it “in a minute”), I became angry enough that I commented on the length of his minutes.  He stated that, well, he did not have his reading glasses (interesting that he had managed to read the screen of his laptop).  I told them that, then, I would read it TO him.  He stated no, that was not necessary.  My comment then was that I would not have bothered to write the letter if I wished him to ignore it, and mentioned the stress levels.  He said, “Oh, the stress you’ve been under?”  Reply: “No, the stress YOU have PUT me under.”  Doug: “I haven’t caused you any stress.”  Me: “I wrote that letter on the premise that you may not have understood the stress you have put me under, but obviously you do not WISH to understand it.  Get out.”  Doug then muttered some other negative things about me, and left — without taking any of his things with him, and still in possession of my door key.  Looks as though there is yet one more confrontation in my future.  Meanwhile, all my friends who have been kept up on this situation think I’m being too easy on him.


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