My couchguest has been incrementally less respectful and considerate.  I wrote him a letter today outlining his lack of consideration and asking him to leave.  He came in, saw the letter, apparently read the last line.  Has not said a word to me, but has acted as if he is preparing to leave… somehow I get that without him packing or moving a thing.  I hope he leaves soon, the population of this apartment is just too high.

In the Life Sux department, I had received a ticket in September which I could not go to court over due to my foot surgery.  I made several attempts to change the court date, to no avail and with not a single city employee telling me something they COULD do.  So when my birthday came ’round and I needed to renew my license, I did not, thinking there might be a bench warrant out on me and not wanting to spend my birthday in county jail.  I took care of the ticket (it was dismissed) on the 16th.  I received a letter from DMV on the 20th, stating that my license had been suspended and it would cost me an additional $50 to remove the suspension, based on the outstanding ticket (which is no longer outstanding).  Here’s the question: Can you suspend an expired license?  And will I have to pay the $50 to remove the suspension, when the ticket which caused it was dismissed?


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