Doug has called 9 times this morning (knowing I sleep mornings), and while I have had the phone turned off for most of them, the messages left range from guilt-trips to sarcasm to meanness.  He “reminded” me that I just threw out a homeless person.  He doesn’t listen to HIS messages, but I reminded him that I threw out a discourteous person.  I have very few rules about living with me, and all of them refer to courtesy.  If he doesn’t respect me enough to show basic courtesy, what is he doing in my house?

He is using the fact that he was too lazy to take his stuff with him to accuse me of stealing it, or depriving him of it; I have not touched it, and have been in fear of his returning.  I suppose he is accusing me of things he has done, or would do.  I have written my spiritual teacher and informed him of some of this, but not the soap opera daily details.


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