Wrapping Up the Doug Suite

Doug showed up this morning with a police officer, and I helped them get his stuff out of my apartment.  It should be over.  I reminded him that he owed the Asheville Homeless Network $150, and he said in a rather sarcastic voice, “Yeah, well, we’ll talk about that,” to which I replied, uncharacteristically, “I doubt it.” but that was a parting shot.  He is gone, I have my key, he has his stuff.

My last email to him, which was also forwarded to my teacher was:


You have called 11 times today.  You have threatened me,
accused me, and mocked me.  You have not allowed any response from me,
however calm or angry it has been — you hung up after having your
say.  Would you want someone who acted like that living with you? 

I did not, as you put it, kick out a homeless person.  I
refused to allow someone who was openly discourteous to live in my
home.  Your discourtesy made you homeless, not any action of mine.

of your threats was that you would write an editorial to the local
paper “exposing” me “for what I am”.  What I am is a man who allowed
you into his home for 2 weeks, asking nothing but courtesy in return. 
You refused to allow me that courtesy, and you gave me nothing yourself
– no offers of help of any kind.  You borrowed $150 from Asheville
Homeless Network.  I assume you are going to not pay that back,
resulting in theft.  In all the time you were here, I did not raise my
voice to you once until ordering you out of my home.

I am also a
person with many friends.  (I keep those friends through love and
courtesy.)  They have been consulted often through this troubled time,
and they all have said that I was far too gentle with you, too nice. 
Granted, they were not here to witness the situation.

your accusations and assumptions, I have not touched your belongings. 
I will not, however, keep them in my home, and will need to “touch
them” enough to put them out. 

I am sorry if that makes me “evil” in your eyes.  Perhaps you need your eyes checked.


My teacher has responded to this:

Om Namah Shivaye!
You are a noble soul
with pure intentions. Please do not feel bad. You should have no time
for these frivolous happenings. Think:
Lord Shiva is Doer;
Lord Shiva is Enjoyer.
Please remember Lord creates foolishness, Lord takes care of them. You must look inwards and explore – Inner Bliss.
With regards,

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  1. tracy

    I hope all is calm and bright today!


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