Crying in the Wilderness

I’m sure Michael Moore is tearing his hair out these days, listening to
the various Democratic presidential candidates botching the election.

Tom Vilsack, co-chair of Hilary Clinton’s campaign, stated, “Last year,
18,000 Americans died because they didn’t have health insurance.” 
Excuse me.  Not one person has ever died from not having health
insurance.  Many thousands have died from not enough or inadequate
health CARE.  This statement was made on C-SPAN, in a talk with every
major Democratic candidate’s campaign manager at the table, and not one
person disputed it.  NOT ONE.

We KNOW Hillary sold out to the insurance industry.  It’s all over her
declaration of monies received, both for her Senate campaign and her
Presidential campaign.  She is still using the capital she gained by
TRYING to get Universal Health Care to make people believe that she
hasn’t changed… but it’s not true.

Even John Edwards, who in 2003 said he wanted every American to have
the same coverage that every member of Congress has, has only talked
about insurance coverage.

Let me be clear about this.  We are the only nation in the “civilized
world” that does not have government-sponsored universal health CARE. 
The insurance companies do not even exist in most countries; there is
no profit for them to take when everyone is equally served.  Democratic
candidates only want to change how many people are paying insurance
companies (or are being paid for, by the government). 

I guess that’s different from the Republicans; except for Ron Paul,
they don’t even acknowledge that the system is broke.  I guess they
think the insurance companies have enough money already — and I assure
you that is true.

Climbing off the soap box.  Anyone is welcome to use these ideas to light a fire under someone’s ass… except mine, LOL


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  1. absurditee

    I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on this, because it impacts all of us and I’m woefully ignorant….

  2. Dadosaurus_Rex



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