Monthly Archive: December 2007

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes

Well, my 55th birthday is essentially over… I say “essentially” as I was born at almost 5 am on the 4th, which is 8 am here on the East Coast, so I still have almost 7 hours left of my 24.

I got a lot of emails, comments, phone calls… the ironic points are (1) most of the calls came after 7 pm — while I was out to dinner and a movie with my friend, John; (2) my mother did not call me (but she’s still in that rehab facility, and I called her around 10:30).  Might not be the best birthday ever (could have stood to have more friends involved on a local level, like a party or something) but it was not bad for an old man.

My friend Red said that I looked too good to be old… I replied that, hey, I look too good to be single, but I’m not in control of that, either.  LOL

A couple years ago a Hindu mystic prophesied that I would live to 108 years old.  Well, if that’s true, then I’m over the hill now — halfway there was 54.

At any rate, I’ve certainly had a lot worse days than today — and today was also the first day I went entirely without using my walker, the foot is healing at last!


C’est Cheese

Music choices today:

Arrogant Worms – The Happy, Happy Birthday Song
Weird Al Yankovic – Happy Birthday

anyone got some weird ones to add to this list?  I hit 55 today, no speeding ticket for a few more years…