Well, I’ve had a couple of weeks “off”, and now it’s back into the swing.

I have to report for jury duty at 8:45 am… those of you who know me know how unlikely it is that I will show up rested…  I have a meeting on Tuesday, a doctor’s appt Wednesday, and my usual AHN meeting on Thursday, any and all of which may have to be cancelled if I get on a jury.

My friend Mike spent 3 nights on my couch, but has found (or is trying to find) other accommodations.  He has some more options, but none of them add up to housing at the present moment.  It has been frustrating, as I’ve been working with him for two months and still haven’t found him any long-term solutions to his housing problems.  He does not blame me for any of it, for which I am grateful — it would be far too easy to beat myself up over this.

Guess that’s it for now.


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