I called my medical providers yesterday — my calendar said I have labs today at 2, and there was a chance I messed up my calendar, and they usually call me the prior business day to remind me.  Well, they told me my labs appointment was YESTERDAY at 2 (it was 2:45 at the time of the phone call).  I checked on my next doctor’s appt., which should be next Tuesday, and they told me it was next Monday…  must have shifted both appts on my calendar.  At any rate, I got them to reschedule the labs for today, without which I would have needed to reschedule the doctor.

I got a stormtrooper letter from my housing coordinator.  Seems like many of the people in the housing program have generously opened their homes to others, thus further alleviating the homelessness problem — and we were ordered to stop doing so, at the risk of being kicked out of the program.  Seems like our benevolent government, which only provides housing for about 10% of those who need it, would rather see more people sleeping on the streets (or in jail) than see their housing dollars maximized.  I can’t tell you how much this hurts me.  It also further marginalizes the people being “helped”.  What sense does this make?


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